Claim: Catholics blindly follow the Church


There is a claim out there by NCC that states that Catholics (practicing Catholics not the Caferia Catholics) blindly follow the Church without question kinda like a robot.

If this were true, it would mean I have no free will. Any thoughts on this?


I do. That is I accept all the teachings of the Church and follow them to the best of my imperfect human ability. There are teachings i have difficulty with but i follow them nonethe less certain that at some point I will understand the Wisdom of the teachings.


I don’t know what NCC is but choosing to follow all the Church teaches does not mean you are blind. It means at times you have to rely on your faith in His words regarding His Church. Just as the apostles were challenged by His words of His flesh and blood. They couldn’t comprehend it, but where else did they have to go? One could say they blindly followed Him…but I wouldn’t.


I agree. I maintain my free will to reject the Church teachings. I do accept them all and there some some beliefs like the Trinity as very difficult to understand by using logic and reasoning. I had to use faith to help my "unbelief.’ This goes to say with the Blessed Eucharist, Immaculate Conception, Assumption, and Pertual Virginity of Mary. By reason and logic, I can’t understand it but through the Church guidance and trying to understand it to typological interpretation of Scripture, it becomes clear. The rest falls on having faith in the Church, and that the Holy Spirit preserves her.


I agree. I know I have free will because I can reject Church teaching all I want. But will I? No. Because I know that the Church is the Truth. The one true Church that Jesus Christ Himself founded, and the Holy Spirit preserves and protects. There are many teachings that I don’t clearly understand. Like the Eucharist for instance. By logic, if it looks, tastes, smells, feels like regular unleavened bread, than that’s what it is because that’s what my five senses tell me. But in reality, the Eucharist isn’t bread. It’s the true body of Christ, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, and I beleive that. It’s taken a lot of prayer, and studying, but I beleive that just like I beleive it’s very cold in my apartment today (IT IS!!!) So no, I don’t “blindly follow the faith” I study it, pray on it, and finally accept it because it’s the truth, and I accept that.


Well I guess it depends on your definitions… like the word freedom, which I define as meaning that to be truly free I can willingly submit to the authority of the magesterium. The key word is willing. It is my choice and I have chosen, so I am free… but then, am I a robot because I do? Not in the least, I struggle with my human nature vs. what I know is right. Nobody is forced into accepting this authority, nobody is brainwashed or tortured if they don’t. It is an ongoing commitment, and at any point any one of us can say I reject this authority. So why do we stay? Because we have found truth…not just any truth but The Truth. I am free to believe that there are moral absolutes and that there is one ultimate truth that transcends time and ages. Truth doesn’t change because it is no longer the flavor of the month. What is true today is what was true 2000 years ago and will still be true 2000 years from now. What other church has such Truth? Since the Church was established, there has been Truth and it hasn’t changed… how many other Churches can say the same?


It’s many years old, but still useful I think:



That would be the National Council of Churches–a very liberal bunch that takes in all brands of churches except the RCC. Some of their pronouncements over the years have been unbelieveable.


I dont feel I am blindly following the church even in things I obey but dont understand fully because its not being blind to trust in her. I would be blindly leading myself if I did not follow her. Or letting some other blind man lead me into further blindness. Away from her is blind leading the blind.


Just reply that they blindly follow the teachings of the men who wrote the bible. Then the discussion can move on to more reasonable grounds.


Find out who they blindly follow by asking them who founded their religion.

This blind think is just to keep people on the defensive. Same as you can’t think for yourself, etc…


I hope to get to the point where I can blindly follow the Church.

Most people call that “Pure Faith”!!!


Well some of those men who wrote claimed that they walked with God, and their testimony is pretty convincing. But what about proof, this is where prophecy comes in. One of those men who wrote, Peter, commented on his eyewitness of the transfiguration on the mount and about prophecy of scripture in 2Peter1. Going back and looking at Gods prophecy throught scripture, it is amazingly clear to me that he is real and he exists.

God is batting a 1.000 with his prophecy, I wouldnt call that “blindly” following.

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Rev19:10


My point is that the Church claims the same revelation and authority as the men who wrote scripture. In fact, without believing in the authority of the Church, it is quite accurate to say that Protestants blindly believe in the canon of scripture.


Here’s another helpful article:

Catholics Can’t Think for Themselves


Wrong, wrong, wrong. The RCC never gave the world the canon of OT scripture. When the Jewish beleivers took the gospel of Jesus to Jerusalem and then to the world, Jews and gentiles would hear this testimony and if they were so inclined to, they checked out what the Apostles were saying by going to the PROPHECIES OF THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES. The scriptures of Israel, not the scriptures of some ecumenical council. Paul said there is always a remnant saved by grace in the church. He wrote this so you know he preached it orally. So by logic, there has always been at least one Jew in the church, who knows the OT prophetic scriptures God gave to Israel, to preach the gospel of Jesus from them.

If the RCC wants to take credit for selecting what is inspired for NT writings, well then I thank them.


I didn’t say the canon of OT scripture. I said the canon of scripture. My statement stands. It even stands for the OT, actually, since both Jews and Protestants have rejected certain inspired books. Now how the Protestants can accept the NT canon established by the Catholic Church and at the same time reject the OT canon established by the Catholic Church is something I can’t actually fathom, but oh well…

If the RCC wants to take credit for selecting what is inspired for NT writings, well then I thank them.

More than thanking them, you implicitly recognize that they have the divine authority and the divine guidance to make such recognition without error. And any Christian who accuses another Christian of following divine authority and divine guidance just sounds really stupid. (I’m not saying that you are making that accusation, but the OP has related that others have made it.)


If a Catholic says that He or She will follow the Church no matter what it teaches, then YES they are Blindly following the Church.
In Him and Him Only


Jesus and His Church cannot be separated.


Well, blind obedience isn’t all bad. There are some situations where it’s required, like if you’re in the Army - you can’t tell the General “Let me mull over that command for a while before I decide to do it.”

Another situation is in religion, were the enemy is way smarter than we are.

When we blindly follow the church, we blindly follow Christ.

I suppose it beats designing a new denomination in my own image and likeness - one that tickles my ears.

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