Claiming to be Jesus?

I was just thinking about this, which is why I ended up joining. I’ve read several topics here. Very helpful! Anyway, what would you do if someone approached you and told you to follow them in worship, because they are Jesus Christ? Of course, I’d think they were absurd, but then again, is that not what early Jews did? Supporting him could mean putting something above God. How would you react? What would a Priest, Deacon, etc. be inclined to do?

well Christ seemed to understand this problem and time and time again you can see he never does this. What he does is quote scriptures; preach his gospel ; perform his miracles and then basically asks the witness WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?

He never starts with I’m GOD or at least not often from what I see.

Its Kind of Beautiful what he does; he introduces you to his Messianic/Divine nature in a gentle manner and then you are left with only 2 choices accept he is God or not.


Christ foretells that this will happen in Matthew 24. “For where the carcass lies, there shall the eagles gather.”

Christ makes it clear that when He comes again it will be with such glory that none will be able to misunderstand what is happening. The heavenly host will accompany Him, and the end of the world will be at hand. All the others will be false prophets, the wolves in sheeps clothing.

YEP he makes it clear second time around he wont be so delicate about things:D

Jesus didn’t outright call himself God but he drew people in by his words and teachings. The miracles confirmed what he was saying. He had a houseful when a paralytic was lowered through the roof on a stretcher and Jesus healed him in the midst of that crowd. The sermon on the mount was followed by the feeding of the more than 5000 people. Things like that spoke of who he was. The raising of the dead got a lot of attention. The blind could see, the lame could walk.

He never asked to be worshiped, but simply said Come follow me. When someone said Good Teacher to him, he replied, there is only One who is good. (The One who is good is God of course, which is Jesus! He didn’t want to embrace someone’s flattery like I would have.)

tell him if he can rise from the dead of his own power you will consider it :shrug:

Alright, I understand. Just wondering, how would you react if Jesus DID come to you?

I would fall to my knees and beg forgiveness for all my transgressions. What would you do?

I really dislike these “what if” threads. Sounds like I’ve got all seven of my kids back home.

Haha, Sorry. Just wondering what people think.

Saint Peter said it: “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man.”

And the question is not “if,” but “when.”

Christ answers the question in Matthew 7:21: we will say say “Lord, Lord!” and He will say, “I never knew thee,” if we fail to keep His commandments.

But if we have kept them, and have kept the faith, then He will be our advocate with the Father.

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