Claims of cover-up as Benedict visits Malta


**A report in the German news magazine Der Spiegel, to be published today, will say a former aide was put under heavy pressure to take the blame for an abuse scandal in the Pope’s former archdiocese of Munich and Freising.

In 1980, while the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was archbishop, a priest known to be a paedophile was accepted into the archdiocese and, instead of being given therapy as planned, he was assigned to parish duties.

After the New York Times brought the case to light last month, Benedict’s former vicar-general in Munich, Gerhard Gruber, accepted full responsibility for the decision.

But Der Spiegel, citing sources close to the 81-year-old prelate, says Gruber got a string of telephone calls in which church officials begged him to take the blame.**

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Apparently the main news story is to be published at:

Just thinking here… maybe Pope Benedict was also not responsible? (as in the other cases: )

maybe there was a third party… neither Gruber nor Benedict… ?

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