Claire and the Miraculous Medal

Earlier this year what appears to be a miracle occurred here in Australia. It has been widely reported in the secular and the Catholic media.

A three year old girl named Claire was accidentally run over by her father’s four tonne family bus.

This child should not have survived, but she did. I had the privilege of meeting Claire and her mother and a few of her other siblings, (it is a large family) at a meeting held in the hall at St. Mary’s Cathedral, in Sydney two weeks ago.

At first I was reluctant to go up and introduce myself, because I realized that this family lives a long distance from the city of Sydney, but through seeing pictures of Claire’s mum in magazines, TV and newspapers I thought that it must be the same person, which happily is the case.

Claire’s mum showed me the Miraculous Medal which Claire still wears around her neck. Claire looks great for a person who has gone through such an ordeal. The family credits Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal with Claire’s survival and quick recovery against all the odds.)

I took the opportunity to tell Claire’s mum about another Miraculous Medal case that happened not far from Sydney some years ago, in which a child was accidentally run over in the driveway by the dad’s car. This child was rushed to hospital and was found to be okay. The imprint of the Miraculous Medal was found on the child’s skin. It was like the medal had been a stamp on the skin. It clearly showed up the image of the Miraculous Medal in mirror image or reverse image. (I am not sure which one that would be.) The skin had this image in red marks. I was really impressed by this case, but I think that Claire’s case is even more astounding.

The Miraculous Medal got it name due to the many kinds of miracles and protections which occurred for its wearers from its earliest days. It had previously been known as the medal of the Immaculate Conception.

When I was about to write this posting a Catholic magazine arrived in my snail mail postbox, with an article about Claire. This is a bit of a coincidence, because the accident took place five months ago. I can hardly wait to read it.

There is a bit more to Claire. She was already a famous child, because the pope blessed her when she was a baby, (from among the biggest crowd ever gathered in Australia) the last Mass of the World Youth Day 2008. (My husband and I were at this Mass.)

If you would like to read more about the Miraculous Medal, the story of how it came about, is at:

(on the website of the Association of the Miraculous Medal)

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I’ve been wearing the Miraculous Medal around my neck for about 10 years. I think I had so many situations that could have been deadly that I’m surprised to still be alive. For instance I used to cycle as a bike messenger and still cycle fast a lot through traffic. Almost everyday I get into situations that I’ve been so lucky that I’m almost scared that my luck might run out. To be honest, I never considered that the medal had any influence that nothing serious happened.

One specific bike incidence happened two summers ago. I was going downhill on my mountain bike at about 30 mph. Suddenly there was a hole in the road and my bike made a flipped over. I was in the middle of a forest about a 20 minute bike ride from town. I had mild bruises all over but otherwise I was alright. I got on my bike and noticed that my upper thigh had a burning sensation. When I got home I realized that I had an open wound. I went to the hospital and the doctor who stitched me up and the nurse looked shocked. He said the wound is really deep and I missed the main artery by the width of a hair strand. I asked confused “And what does that mean?”. He said “that means you would have bled to death”.

There were more close call stories but I always assumed I was just lucky. I hope it stays that way.

That is scary stuff. You have really been looked after by Our Lady, who promises great graces to those who wear the Miraculous Medal, but especially to those who wear it around their neck.

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