Clarification needed from Creighton users


So… I currently use Billings but I have been looking at alternative methods of nfp (long story, which involves my Billings teacher pretty much dropping me… :S)

The question I have regarding Creighton has to deal with the level of support you are provided. I currently have a short luteal phase (8-10 days) and was wondering if there was support systems with Creighton (doctors, etc.) who are available to help me through guidance and counseling to figure out what can be done to help my short luteal phase?

Currently where I am located, there are NO nfp doctors. Therefore, it can be incredibly difficult to try to convince your doctor that you need hormone tests done, because the doctors here do not believe in nfp.

Hopefully this is clear…

Any suggestions/insight from current Creighton users?


I think that with Creighton, a lot depends on where you live. I am in the Midwest, in a large archdiocese that has a lot to offer when it comes to Creighton instruction as well as OB-GYNs certified as NaProTechnology professionals. I bring my chart to my appointments, and my doctor as well as the nurses, nurse practitioners, etc. all know how to read them. So there is a TON of support in my area and instructors are always referring Creighton students to the doctors who will be best able to treat them.

But at the same time, a friend of mine who lives several hundred miles away has had a quite different experience–entirely because there are no medical professionals in her area who are Creighton/NaProTechnology certified.

So my best advice for you would be to visit the Pope Paul VI institute website, as well as the Creighton Model website, and search for doctors and instructors in your area. If there is no one, contact the Pope Paul VI institute, as I know that many ladies here have had luck with working with them long-distance to manage their treatment for specific fertility issues.

You really cannot beat the scientific resources behind the Creighton Model, so God bless you as you pursue treatment for your fertility issues in line with Church teaching!


G’day from Australia!
I highly recommend the Creighton method to address your short luteal phase because I have done so with great success!
We are blessed to have an excellent NFP clinic just 15/20 minutes from home, with young and enthusiastic doctors. They have changed my life!

I too suffer what is known as a ‘luteal phase defect’. The NFP doctors sent me for blood tests during the luteal phase of my cycle which confirmed extremely low levels of progesterone (hence the short cycle). I have experienced such cycles all my life (I’m in my late thirties now). The simple solution is to administer progesterone throughout the second half of the menstrual cycle, once ovulation has occurred. In the Creighton method, this is from day P+3. ‘P’ being ‘Peak’ day of mucus, that is, any mucus which is clear in colour, lubricative or stretchy (1 or more inches). ‘3’ being the third night after the ‘P’ night. Which form of progesterone depends on how low your particular levels are.

The mild forms of progesterone are patches (worn on the arm) and lozengers (dissolve inside the mouth). Unfortunately, these were not strong enough to make any difference to my short cycles. The 2 higher dose forms are pure progesterone pessaries (especially compounded and inserted intravaginally as you go to bed at night, used for 10 consecutive nights) and HCG injections (4 in total, days P+ 3, 5, 7, 9, given in the thigh). These two types of progesterone worked wonders for me…like a miracle! :slight_smile:

I am currently using the pessaries and they have extended my cycle to a more ‘normal’ 27/28 days. I still get my usual pre-menstrual headaches on this dosage (although not as bad and far more bearable). I personally think that the pessaries are just scraping my hormone levels over the line. Just. The HCG injections are whoah! No pre-menstrual symptoms, great blood test results and cycles of 30-32 days. HOWEVER, it is only recommended to take the HCG if you are trying to get pregnant (however long that may take), not as an indefinite plan of managing a luteal phase defect. What a shame :wink:

A post luteal phase defect is a major cause of infertility and miscarriage, as you are probably aware. We tried to have a baby for nearly 5 years without success until stumbling upon NFP/Creighton. Once the luteal phase defect was addressed with HCG, along with Clomid, we fell pregnant within 6 months. A real miracle! We knew we were at high risk of miscarriage so continued with progesterone support through NFP for a large part of the pregnancy. Using this method and by God’s grace, we now have two perfect, precious and beautiful children, a boy and a girl. We even made the local paper with our fertility story! All thanks to NFP/Creighton.

You are certainly correct though about the ‘other’ local doctors not being interested in these methods. It’s so incredibly frustrating. As a teen I was told the solution to short cycles was to take the pill. Which I certainly did not take. When trying to get pregnant, so called fertility specialists told us my short cycle wasn’t going to make a difference. Which it certainly did. When I was pregnant the outside obstratician (sorry if spelling is wrong), scoffed at the progesterone support I was receiving from NFP and said I didn’t need it to prevent miscarriage. I most certainly did…and kept using it under instruction from my NFP doctor without the ob’s knowledge that I was continuing to do so. The results speak for themselves! Thanks be to God!

In today’s electronic age, I really hope and pray that you will have access to a wonderful NFP/Creighton trained doctor and professionals. Can this be done even through a web cam phone/internet hook up type appointment to your closest clinic? If not, due to where you live, could they do appointments with you over the phone? You could always fax through or scan in your charts prior and surely they could post you blood test forms and scripts? Where there’s a will, there’s a way (especially when it’s God’s!).

I hope to have been of some help, I’m just sorry I’m so far away! I actually hope to train in becoming certified in Creighton charting some time in the next few years. I’m a trained school teacher but am really enthused about helping others who are in a similar situation to mine!

God Bless and all the best to you, Molly :thumbsup: xx


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