Clarification on prayer

Often during the day I find myself thinking of someone to pray for. Usually I’ll say in my head something along the lines of “Dear Father, I ask that you _____”. Recently though more has been going on around me where I can’t consistently concentrate on saying something like this, and I don’t want to forget to pray about it later.

I suppose I never really thought about this: would simply wanting in our mind for God to help this person count as prayer, as God knows all of our wants?

may i suggest that
you state your intention

then say the rosary

this is what Our Lady has said is pleasing to her & Her Son Jesus

just trying to be helpful

Sometimes when I see something or someone, I simply say to Jesus or Mary (out loud or in my mind) “Please help them”.

Usually this is when I’m out during the day so I don’t have time to pray the Rosary.

This is exactly what I do.


Me too. I also include their guardian angel, especially for drivers in distress and needing roadside assistance.

If we don’t necessarily say a similar phrase to this mentally, but still hope in our minds that God will help these people, would that constitute as prayer?

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