Clarification on self-intinction

I just wanted to make sure I understand intinction correctly: intinction is only allowed when the priest administers directly on the tongue. There is to be no self-intinction?

I saw someone doing this last night, and to make matters worse, she did it so nonchalantly; she did not even cup her hand underneath the Holy Communion to prevent the Precious Blood from spilling on to the floor. The EMHC just stood there and smiled the whole time.

I know I should not have been looking but I was in line and it happened right in front of me.

The laity are not allowed to self-communicate, and that includes self-intinction. Some people either do self-intinct or try to unless they are stopped by the EMHC.

From Redemptionis Sacramentum:

[103.] The norms of the Roman Missal admit the principle that in cases where Communion is administered under both kinds, “the Blood of the Lord may be received either by drinking from the chalice directly, or by intinction, or by means of a tube or a spoon”.[191] As regards the administering of Communion to lay members of Christ’s faithful, the Bishops may exclude Communion with the tube or the spoon where this is not the local custom, though the option of administering Communion by intinction always remains. If this modality is employed, however, hosts should be used which are neither too thin nor too small, and the communicant should receive the Sacrament from the Priest only on the tongue.[192]

A priest or bishop can self-intinct (it is done at papal masses with a large number of concelebrants) but lay people cannot self-communicate in anyway.

Self-Intinction = NOT ALLOWED. (and should be prevented if possible by EMHC)

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