Forvgive me if this is a dumb question but I am very curious.
I am sure that the Pope knows of the ongoing confusion about the changes after vatican 2.
Why doesnt he simply write an easy to understand letter clarifing those issues and share it?
Sorry if this is simplistic and I missed something.

Good question. I don’t know if he has.

I know he HAS written and spoke about Vatican II – but I"m not sure if what he said on the topic constitutes “easy to understand”

Then again… the older I get the more imprecise I realize our spoken and written language is.

It seems like nothing is too complicated or too simple that it can’t be misconstrued by someone. Sometimes I think it is a miracle that we are able to understand each other at all.

Lastly, I think the current Pope has like 2 PhDs or something… some might argue that he is hyper-intellectual. Therefore he might THINK he is being clear and easy to understand but what he says may still go over the heads of the layity.

Add to that all the other factors like:

The Church moves VERY slowly, and can easily ponder a response to something for a century.
Secondly, whatever it writes or says is potentially translated into every language on the planet. And you better believe that things can get ‘lost in translation’ -therefore it has to be extra careful HOW it words things, because sometimes the difference of 1 word can totally change the meaning when you translate to another language.

He may have. Which issues?
Also, it is also up to local bishops and clergy to shepherd their local flocks too.

Which issues? They seem to be argued here all the time.
COTT, Veiling, Female alter servers etc…

As for me I just want to try to do what is right no matter which.

Maybe, just maybe, to Benedict XVI there is no confusion - I am sure His Holiness fully understands what the council taught and wrote.

The confusion it is in the minds of those who read too much or too little into the council documents or who try to justify their personal belief. As such, the proper place for teaching rests with the Bishops I would think.

Here is how I see “communion” as an example: The Pope knows the teaching on the eucharist is clear as crystal but there may be some discussion over COTT or CITH, however as long as people are reciving reverently and correctly there is nothing for the Pope to get involved in. He has some other important things to do like, um, let’s see, Orthodox reunification, world peace, leading 1+ billion people, being head of state, dealing with scandals, leading souls to God, etc.

Well, St. Peter thought that some writings of St. Paul were hard to understand (2 Peter 3:16). Why didn’t he write a letter with a clarification that would be easy to understand? Well, I suspect that at least one reason is that it is hard (and sometimes perhaps even impossible) to write in the way that is especially easy to understand while keeping all the accuracy and precision. If that was easy, we would have little need for “Educational science” and professional teachers…

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