Class Action Filed Against USCCB

My earlier post on this important topic was removed due to the perception that it provided a commercial link to a law firm seeking to cultivate business related to the Peter Pence collection. That was not my intention, therefore I have re posted an redacted account of this story from another source, which omits any details that may breach forum guidelines.

The Remant Newspaper Jan 22 2020.

"xxxxxxxxxxx filed a class action lawsuit today in the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island against United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for misleadingly soliciting millions of dollars in charitable donations that were diverted into private investments.

The lawsuit alleges that USCCB routinely asks Catholics throughout the country to donate money to the annual Peter’s Pence collection to “help victims of war, oppression, natural disaster, or disease,” but the money actually goes into funds which invest in such ventures as luxury condominium developments and Hollywood movies. Plaintiff David O’Connell claims USCCB is liable under theories of common law fraud, unjust enrichment, and breach of fiduciary duty.

USCCB is composed of all active and retired members of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States. It promotes, oversees, and administers coordinated charitable donation efforts throughout the country, including the Peter’s Pence collection.

Lead attorney xxxxxxx said, “It’s regrettable and tragic that such a trusted and well-respected organization has been taking advantage of the generosity of Catholic donors. USCCB must come clean and give back the money it took from well-intentioned people who thought they were giving urgently-needed funds to help the destitute around the world.”

xxxxxxxxxx is a xxxxxxx-based law firm that focuses on complex litigation. .


I support the idea that a poorer Church would be a better Church. Our charity should be to take care of those whom look directly into their eyes. The person sitting next to you at Mass. in my opinion the USCCB is a political business. I cannot donate to them.


Here’s another article:

If you prefer a secular news source:


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Certainly it’s not a good look.

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