Class Mate's mom is a medium

I was in my study group today at school, and I was informed by 3 of the people I typically study with. That our friend’s mom is a medium, I just wanted to through that out here and see what anyone has to say.

  With that being said, I'm not putting myself out there for any special meetings or anything, I but I feel like I should protect myself against any bad spirituality that he may carry. If this is authentic and true. 

Anyways, Peace.:thumbsup:

Yes, its acceptable to believe in their existence but like many things in life, believing is only part of the equation, the other part is what you do with it. We must know how God wants us to interact with these spiritual forces. In the Old Testament (Exodus 22:17, Deuteronomy 18:10-12) God rightly denounces any involvement with the spiritual forces of the dead, and for those that persist, Saul’s demise was the example. NAB, 1 Samuel Chapter 28.

Knowing the above how do we spiritually develop “our own temple”. :slight_smile:

That woman doesn’t converse with deceased loved ones of random strangers. She consorts with demons, most likely unbeknownst to her. It’s either all fabricated and she’s using it for money, attention or some combination thereof. The alternative is that she is conversing with demons who are prodding her into occult practices leading her further and further away from Christ.

You could carry a bless item with you.
Yes you could need to protect yourself.
You have a Guardian Angel who is meant to protect you. :slight_smile:

Traditional Catholic prayer that can daily be offered. Or you could use your own words.

Angel of God, my Guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day (or night) be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

St. Benedicts medal. The demons will scarper

A blessed St. Benedict medal.

Okay here is what I was told, Not sure if it was true.

I had a friend who claims she was a real medium. Was she??:shrug:

I don’t know. But we were friends we worked together I respected her, her I.

I used to do that music when I saw here do do do do, do do do!:smiley: We would laugh. She knew I believed in One person God, and if he wanted me to know, HE would find a way to tell me.

With that said, here is what She told me. She said even if she tried to read me she could not. She said I did not believe in her, only God and she could not get a true reading on me because she could never break thru, Whatever that means!:shrug:

But I never wanted read, and could care less. But I loved her.

Realistically, most likely it’s one of the issues below (listed in descending order of likelihood).
1). Cold-reading everyone, and is a scammer and/or desperate for attention and meaning.
2). Is hearing voices, needs or has refused to take medication, hopes she really is a medium and not mentally ill, but in reality is nuttier than squirrel poop.
3). Is a medium, and hearing voices, but not from the dead.

One point mentioned earlier is that if she is truly hearing voices that aren’t actually coming from her own mental illness, there’s pretty much only one supernatural subset who would be interested in putting a foot through that door, and we’ve had plenty of warning that they’ll find creative ways to do so. Best armor is your faith, critical thinking skills, and some doors and walls between you and her.

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