Class of Relic?


I hope that someone will be able to help me, I have a relic of St Bernadette and I’mpretty sure it is 2nd class but I would be very grateful if someone wiser and more knowledgeable than me could confirm it.


As can be seen from the attachment(sorry it is a bit fuzzy) on one side is a picture of St Bernadette in her habit and on the other side is a smal square of cloth and underneath are the following words (please forgive my spelling if I don’t get all the words correct);


And underneath these words is the emblem/shield of the Mother House of the Sisters of Charity of Nevers.

Any help would so gratefully received :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I don’t know for sure, but I have a third class relic of St Therese and it’s a little white piece of cloth that was touched to her Carmelite habit… maybe this is similar? or, perhaps it’s a second class relic… I know that first class relics are generally always kept in churches, but I’m not sure about second class.


I’ve never had a first class relic but I’m pretty sure that this is a 2nd class relic, I just hope that someone will be able to confirm this for me.


where did you obtain it? have you tried contacting them about it?


“StarMaiden” My understanding of the “class” of a relic, is this:

1st Class relic - The saint’s body, or a part of the saint’s body.

2nd Class relic - Something that the saint owned, in life; Such as a Bible, Rosary, clothing.

3rd Class relic - Something (usually a piece of cloth, or a Rosary) which has been touched to the mortal remains of the saint… OR to an item owned by the saint.

From the photo… it appears that you have a 3rd Class Relic in your possession. Unless, you have documentation that the piece of cloth was taken from some article of clothing worn by St. Bernadette. That would make it a 2nd Class relic.

That is my understanding of relics. I hope this helps. God bless.


I belive it to be a 2nd class relic because
A: there is is picture accompaning it of St Bernadette in her habit,
B: It has the emblem of the Mother house under the relic.

I have had this for over twenty years and it was given to me.


Is there any accompanying documentation? An address, perhaps? Where you could write to them and ask? Just a thought.


It was given to me over twenty years ago, but I suppose I could try and send a picture to the Mother House via email and see if they can clarify if it is a 2nd class relic.

Many thanks for the idea :slight_smile:


I have just emailed the Mother House in Nevers so I will wait and see if they can help.


good luck!


I am still waiting to hear from the mother house in Nevers, but I would be very grateful if anyone on here could confirm what class of relic this is.


this is a common way of “packaging” 3rd class relics rather than just handing out pieces of cloth etc. My 3rd class relic of Fr. Solanus is like this, as are others I have seen. It may be that the mother house had these made up, touching fabric used in their habits, to her tomb or other artifacts, so that the faithful who request a 3rd class relic may obtain one.

If it were a 2nd class relic there would likely be more provenance, some accompanying document which would clearly state that this was taken from her own habit or articles she used, and the case would be more ornate and protective. Anyone translate the French phrase? (I think it just says, pray for us but my French is rusty).

In anycase this is a lovely thing to have and a great aid for prayer with this great, humble saint.


Second Class Relics
ex pallio - from the cloak
ex velo -from the veil
ex habitu - from the habit
ex indumentis - from the cloth
ex arca sepulerali - from the coffin
ex veste - from the vestment


just one thing… some third class relics are perhaps incorrectly (?) marked “ex indumentis”. I have one like that. It’s actually a third class relic that was touched to the habit of St Therese. But it says “ex indumentis” on it.


Yes some third class relics are incorrectly labeld.


Neither A nor B signify that this is a second-class relic.

Were it a part of her habit, it would clearly say so.


Veuillez tout d’abord m’excuser, mais de même que vous vous adressez en anglais, que je comprends, mais ne parle pas aisément, je vous répondrai dans ma langue maternelle, le français, en espérant que vous comprendrez sans trop de mal ou que quelqu’un pourra vous traduire les points essentiels dont je vous fais part.
Vous trouverez en pièce jointe une réponse à votre question sur la relique que vous avez et dont la photo que vous envoyez est trop floue pour distinguer nettement ce qui est écrit et représenté
Soeur Laurette Rébuffie

I recived this in reply to a question I sent about this relic and as I don’t speak or read French, I was wondering if anyone could translate it for me?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


I managed to get a translation of this, so no worries :slight_smile:

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