Classic Apologetics Book On The Papacy Now On-line


A tip from Steve Ray’s blog:

Luke Rivington’s classic book defending the papacy is on-line in PDF [and now HTML] format. It is entitled “The Primitive Church and the See of Peter.” [Steve] referred to it often in his book Upon this Rock. If interested, you can see it here.


Oh no!!! I gotta finish the HTML on that! Hopefully this year! :cool:

I’ve been lazy. There’s isn’t an easy way to transcribe the book from scanned PDF with no errors except typing them in one page at a time directly from the PDF scans. My OCR scans (PDF to plain text) has too many errors to clean up otherwise. Which is why this book isn’t completely online in HTML yet. You are talking days and days of editing. But I’ll do it!

Darn I gotta concentrate on finishing up another of my GIANT unfinished projects! :smiley:

Phil P


Go Phil:thumbsup:


Hey there’s a separate PDF scan of the book at Google Books! Appears to be out of order near the beginning (xxii follows xxxi oops). Mine is in order and therefore better. And HTML SOON! :slight_smile:

Google Books PDF of Luke Rivington

Phil P


Uh, oh! Now you’re busted Phil; sorry to let the cat out of the bag! :smiley:


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