Classic Literature Getting '50 Shades' Makeover?
Just saw this on Megyn Kelly’s show today on Fox. They talked about adding sexy scenes to classic stories like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice.
If people want to read garbage like “50 Shades of Gray”, then that’s their problem. Why take wonderful stories that are great tales of romance and drag them through the gutter?!!
Just goes to show there’s a real lack of imagination these days. The people who write this tripe can’t come up with anything original so they take books that are literary treasures and turn them into trash. :mad:

Good grief:eek: If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it!

This is just ridiculous…I majored in English and the beauty of the classics are partly due to their discretion, in my opinion. I mean, Pride and Prejudice was considered scandalous in its day, but there is no reason to add *anything * to any classic!

I am sadly not surprised…our society is so oversexualized now that nothing is off-limits.

I was trying to think of how P&P was scandalous in its day (as all of her works were morality tales) but I suppose Lydia’s elopement was pretty scandalous. (And maybe Mr. Collins and his quick turn around in marriage proposals)?

As to the news story…:banghead:

I do not think 50 shades of grey would of become a quarter of successful if was not for the author’s connection to writing it first as Twilight fan fiction and then changed some details such as names, but its connection to that successful franchise bore its popularity, it is what made the book successful, not that is great writing or that it is new and interesting

I am not sure what they could do with Jane Eyer since that story is about her turning down Mr. Rochester because he was married. How sick it all has become.

Maybe P&P isn’t a good example…but many classics were not appreciated at the time of their publications, and some were considered “shocking,” but I cannot think of one at the moment. Maybe I’m confusing myself with the umpteen books I had to read in college, one semester it was close to 30!

Anyways, the classics should not be touched.

No indeed, there were shocking books even at the time. Wasn’t it in Mansfield Park where Mr. Crawford persuades Fanny to read a “shocking” book. Now this book did not become a “classic” but it was certainly shocking. Also many of the old fodder did not approve a most novels especially of the “Romantic” nature, again those were not classic material.
But books like the Vindication of the rights of Women was very shocking. Heck even in the 1950s To Kill a Mockingbird was “shocking” and people tried to ban it, yet it is a classic.

Fortunately I dont think this trend will bear financial fruit. 50 shades of grey, if I believe the reviews/commentary, is basic pornography dressed up as twilight fan fiction. Those who pick it up and keep reading / going back for more are probably not interested in reading the caliber of fiction of a work such as Pride and Prejudice.

Goodness, could you imagine a high school student who has to read one of these classics for school, goes to the bookstore and buys the wrong one? Oh no. :nope:

Yes, people don’t seem to understand the concept that less is more in many circumstances. That’s partly why I really love to read the classics. The love stories are based on attraction of course, but a lot of the attraction has to do with the thoughts and words of the characters. With what kind of people they are.Not with how quickly they can jump into bed with each other.
I bought a Nora Roberts book to take with me on vacation. The main characters only knew each other for a really short time before they had sex. There was no build up of the characters or development of the relationship before this happened. The woman bragged to her friend that she was having a steamy affair without strings. She didn’t know how she felt about this man but was having sex with him! I’ve lost interest in this book and am only a quarter of the way through it.
And most movies are made the same way. There has to be an obligatory sex scene in most every movie that comes out, especially if it’s a love story. I don’t consider myself a prude but I don’t like being hit over the head with all of this either. Whatever happened to subtlety and romance?

I LOL’d at this :rotfl:

They will porn-up anything nowadays…next thing I know they’ll be doing “live-acts” on stage to Shakespeare.

I read the excerpts…man I might aswell be reading Penthouse…just utterly ridiculous and bad writing. The only good thing to come out of this, is that it will bring forth to society that men aren’t the only one’s who struggle with smut.

I thought the whole 30,000 Leagues under the Sea as a homo-erotic novel was just hilarious!

That publishing company is a joke and so is the “writer” who wrote Fifty Shades of (I soo want to use a three-letter word, but I will refrain from getting another infraction.):slight_smile:

Eitherway it’s just another reflection how immorale and debauched our society has become.

This isn’t a new thing. Have you heard of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

or “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters”?

The books include most of the original text with zombie slaying and sea monster scenes added in.

Miss Jane (Austen) would not approve!!!
This also reminds me of the current Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter movie that’s in the theaters. I find it highly offensive and disgusting that people are using one of our greatest and most beloved presidents in such an idiotic fashion. President Lincoln gave his all for our nation and our people and doesn’t deserve this kind of moronic treatment. :mad:

As soon as I read this, I thought of this…

Dr. Plinkett of Red Letter Media states that 96% of the movies released over the past decade have been remakes, reboots, etc. Pretty much movies that are based in something being rehashed. What’s worse is when they add in garbage (hi George Lucas!) that is simply not conducive to the good of the movie, story, plot, etc and simply do so to generate interest and thus money. This IS “entertainment” dontcha know :sad_yes:

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