Classical Guitar


When you say "classical guitar " do you mean the instrument,the typical Spanish guitar or the type of music or style you play with it?Or both?
Thank you…


If I may answer for the OP, usually when people say ‘classical guitar’ they mean the instrument and the music.


I tried to learn guitar (not specifically classical), but I don’t have great fine motor skills. I picked up the bass a few months ago, and while I wouldn’t even consider myself decent yet, fewer (and thicker) strings seem to help me out a bit.

Personally, I think I prefer brass instruments. I wish I could afford a tuba…


If you really want to go old school, try listening to Laurindo Almeida (he is better known for his jazz work, but his classical work constitutes the bulk of his Grammy Awards) or the famous pioneer of modern classical guitar Andrés Segovia and his best known students Julian Bream and John Williams.


Here you go. Just in time for Christmas:



Tabs really helped me.


Thank you,Tomarin.
All the best with your flamenco,try it!


Not sure I would agree with that. Classical guitar is a type of guitar and a style of playing it. Classical music is musical pieces, as the saying goes, by dead European composers. I have been to classical guitar concerts where the music was anything but classical.


I looked it up .
It would be the instrument. We would normally call it creole guitar( guitarra criolla) . But it is what the OP is referring to as classical. It is the same.
I play guitar too…since I was a teen
Tkank you again!


YA, I was thinking European, Sor, Aguado, Terrega, Sanz


A guitar played like this has its own voice…it is just amazing.
If you want google Cacho Tirao playing our music,folklore,tango like Caminito and classics like the AveMaria.
It is very much entrenched in our culture,probably thanks to our Spanish heritage.
Stunning when it is played well and with the heart. It can speak out our soul.
Sorry if I get carried away…but you picked a topic I love…music and guitars


As I said, i dont have much talent, but the classical guitar opened the door to the world of classical music for me. I have gotten to know composers and eras. I would like to have met Fernando Sor. Amazing composer most people never heard of. But in the world of CG he is a superstar.


I can understand that…
The level of beauty and perfection some musicians can reach leaves one speechless.
And then we start appreciating different instruments with all its potential and singleness.
Music is incredible.
Tell us more about what you know and appreciate about this topic you picked,would you?
How did it happen that you started appreciating guitar,if you want of course…


Here is one of Fernando Sor,Etude Op. 6 n 11

And here is his biography and more

Thank you for a beautiful topic!


I like that it can be a solo instrument and does not need singing with it. i cant sing.

I also remember when i was very young and there was a tv program for kinds about little rodents along a creek who rode boats and things. "Tales of the Riverbank"

And guitar was the theme song. I later learned that it is an adaptation of a Maurio Giuliani Andante and not too difficult to play.

Some of Sor’s etudes are very easy and yet beautiful.


Well you can play ‘classical’ music on a steel string guitar but it won’t sound the same and it won’t be what most of the audience in a classical guitar concert will be expecting. Also yes while it’s true modern composers can compose eclectic things for a classical guitarist that’s because classical music isn’t really dead as you imply above, but a living tradition.


Thank you for sharing…
That was funny…the Guinea pig sticking out its head through the wind- jammer and the little ones on the boat.
And incredible how the guitar stood out in your memories of childhood.
If anyone is interested in picking an easy piece,to practice,which one would you recommend?


Here is whom I mentioned,Cacho Tirao.
He is playing Adios Nonino which is a tango composed by Astor Piazzola,bandoneonista ,for his father. Piazzola’s father died as he was away on a tour.
I will link Tirao’s and the original by Piazzola in bandoneon,for you to capture the escense of this piece.
Hope you like it…

This is Cacho Tirao’s:

This is Piazzola and orchestra.


Do you prefer tabs or scores?


I’m not really into guitar music. I play the flute though.

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