Classmate of Romney, Obama recalls both men

“This happened in Steven’s Hall,” he said. "What happened in the dormitory tended to stay in the dormitory. Because of the potential for severe disciplinary action, people kept their mouths shut.
“So I didn’t have any personal recollection of that incident but, before that story broke, I did talk to some of my classmates and a couple of them had said something about it. But when I heard about it, my response was, ‘Yeah, that probably happened.’ I don’t doubt the veracity of the people who said it because I know them and they are very ethical people. I have no reason to question the validity of the story.”

Barthwell said that people should understand that this occurred nearly 50 years ago and this does not reflect who Mitt Romney is now. He also added that Mitt was known as a “middle of the road” student academically and a bit of a prankster.

“In a dormitory full of teenage boys, that was the kind of setting where that sort of thing could happen from time to time,” Barthwell said. “But if somebody asked me if I thought Mitt was a bully, the answer is a very definitive no. Mitt was not an intimidating person at all.”

“He was skinny. He wasn’t an athlete; he wasn’t a leader of the class. At the time, he was not considered one of the top scholars at the school,” Barthwell said, adding that he thinks the hair cutting incident is being blown out of proportion. “It was an unfortunate incident obviously, but I don’t think that it would end up being as dastardly as it has been portrayed.”

Ironically, more than 20 years later, Barthwell would become a classmate of President Obama’s at Harvard Law School. After finishing his undergraduate degree at Wayne State University in 1987, Barthwell entered Harvard, where Obama started attending the following year.

“We worked together on a law review at Harvard,” Barthwell said. “Barack was from Chicago, I was from Detroit and that was back in the days of the Bad Boys (Detroit Pistons) so I used to ride Barack about (the Chicago Bulls).”

“Barack was a very, very nice guy; a very smart guy. In a city full of upright people, he really stood out as being an exceptionally intelligent man,” Barthwell said. “I’ve never heard a bad thing come out of that man’s mouth and I haven’t yet.”

Wait a minute. This gentleman seems to be implying that both men are decent people. That can’t be right! Someone go dig up some more dirt! Pronto! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m glad someone can provide a chance to just let this decades old mudslinging to go back to the grave where it belongs…

We should really dig up some dirt on this Barthwell guy.

A person that knew Obama in college - aren’t those kind of rare?


I guess he didn’t spend much time with Barack Obama after all.


Obviously this man’s opinion means zero, then.:slight_smile:



My laugh for the day!

How can anything good be said about Obama? No mistresses - who cares? Faithful to his wife - who cares? Good father - who cares? Well-spoken - who cares? Nothing bad came from his mouth - who cares? :shrug:

It’s nice to hear that even if you agree with a person or not, Both candidates are humans and not the effigies that their opposing political parties like to burn.

Agree or not, it is safe to say that every president America has ever had has done what he believed was the best thing for America. I don’t think it does any good to call someone evil just because they do something that may not be right. We all make mistakes but presidential ones are just larger and better known.

Obama seems like a good father and good husband. Is he a good president? No.

:thumbsup::thumbsup: :wink:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Why should we care about those things, when:
-He bullies countries in need to insert abortion rights into their constitutions as a condition of receiving aid.
-He finances abortions abroad with our tax money.
-He opposed, twice, the Infants Born Alive Act, which even NARAL didn’t do or demand of him.
-He sued the Lutheran Church, asserting that the government, not the church, had the right to determine who its ministers are.
-He is adamant in forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraceptive, sterilization and abortifacient coverage against conscience.
-He supports homsexual marriage.

My goodness! What’s having a mistress compared to that? Maybe if he got a mistress, he would be distracted from the much worse immoral activities in his repertoire.

Perhaps, both candidates bullied him into submission. We’ll have to put some cameras on him next time either of them speaks. If he winces, we will know for certain!

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