Cleaning spilled Holy Oil?

I have a bottle of Holy Oil at work. I spilled some all over my hands and there’s some on my work desk. My computer mass is now protected against demons I guess. How do I clean it up properly? Do I need to burn any paper towels used? My keyboard is shiny now too.

Take a paper towel (or something to wipe it with) and burn or bury the used paper towels. Just wipe it as you usually would a spill. If you do burn the paper towels, make sure to also bury the ashes ins a spot barely anyone walks on. The same applies to just burying it.


I am confused as to why you have Holy oil?
Oil of the Sick is used only for anointing the sick, and that should be done by a priest.

Chrism is used only for Baptism, Confirmation & Holy Orders but not something I would expect a lay person to have.

And the Oil of the Catechumenate is for a very specific use also.

So which do you have & why?

I would think it would be frowned upon for a lay person to possess these oils for this very reason.

Regular holy oil, not the kind used in Sacrament of the Sick or anything. Given to me by my confessor.

I am not familiar with Holy Oil that is not one of the ones I listed.
Is it just blessed oil? What is it’s purpose?
Is it a sacramental, like Holy water would be?

Yes, It’s like holy Water, but thicker. Haha

OK, sorry for all the questions, but this is new to me.
Are you in the US?

To be honest, I have never heard of ‘Blessed Oil’- salt, yes. Chalk, yes, but never oil.
What do you use it for?

Yes in America. No problem. Like any Sacramental prayers are attached to it. In this case, protection against demons.

Oh, ok. Thanks for the info.

Look up St Anthony’s oil, I have it and use it, also look up oil from tearing icon, I also have some oil from a candle that burns in front of a picture of the Blessed Mother’s which used to cry.

Both as well as other are known for miracles and are allowed for laymen/women to have.

My mother had a crucifix with several vials of holy waters and oil inside, for last rites in case of an emergency…

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