Clear Channel Renames Itself iHeartMedia, in an Embrace of the Digital


When it was introduced by Clear Channel Communications in 2008, the iHeartRadio app had a humble job as an online outlet for the radio giant’s 800-plus stations.

Now iHeartRadio has become such a central part of Clear Channel’s efforts to remake itself as a multiplatform media company that “iHeart” has become the new identity of the entire operation.

On Tuesday, Clear Channel — by far the largest operator of radio stations in the United States — will rename itself iHeartMedia, in recognition of what Robert W. Pittman, the company’s chief executive, says is how thoroughly the iHeartRadio franchise has become incorporated into virtually everything Clear Channel does.

As Clear Channel’s all-purpose audio brand, the iHeartRadio name is attached to a new awards show and multiple live events around the country. Those events include the annual iHeartRadio Music Festival, which returns to Las Vegas for a fourth time on Friday and Saturday, with performances by Taylor Swift, Coldplay, One Direction, Iggy Azalea and many other pop acts eager to curry favor with the country’s most powerful broadcaster.


When I first started listening to Patrick Madrid, he would refer to what I thought was iHeartRadio. But I believe he means Immaculate Heart Radio. Very confusing which one is being talked about when I hear iHeartRadio…


I’m pretty sure that he meant someone was listening through the iHeartRadio app. And even if he wasn’t, I’ll bet that Immaculate Heart Radio is right now sending out a notice to all affiliates forbidding the use of “iHeart” as an abbreviation. It doesn’t do to incur the wrath of Clear Channel… :smiley:


I am so happy for I♥Radio because I moved to a small town and really missed the clear channel radio station I listened to when I lived in a large city. I heard them talk about the name change this morning, but
I thought they were joking.


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