Clear Creek Monastery - online auction


Clear Creek Benedictine Monastery is going to build an awesome monastery and are having an online auction to raise money. Please do whatever you can to support them. They have many vocations knocking on the door but need a monastery before they can accept them. The beautiful monastery and church that they will build they plan on building to last for a thousand years. Go to the auction by way of this link:

If you are not familiar with the Clear Creek Monastery check out their website

this blogpost of a visit to Clear Creek Monastery.

also check out this awesome article written about the founding of this monastery

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Does anybody know somebody considering a vocation here at this monastery?

Has anybody visited this monastery?


This thread might get a little more exposure in the Vocations forum, so I’m going to move it over there.



Only one more day, please support them.


Your link didn’t work. Here’s one that does:

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