Cleavage Down Yonder

Another current thread discusses visible chest cleavage and morality. While I don’t like all the chest cleavage visible with todays immodest styles, another peeve of mine is the visible cleavage down yonder. I hate the southernmost cleavage visible with the low rider jeans/pants that are so commonly worn today. I really dislike that style of pants because I don’t think they are attractive on anybody. Not only are they unattractive (I know that is just my opinion), but they are also very immodest because it is almost impossible to wear them without routinely flashing others with a bit of bottom cleavage. Construction workers and plumbers used to be the guilty parties in that regard back in the day, but now it is just about everyone flashing. I can’t wait for the fashion to change so people will cover their bottoms!

Oh, no kidding. I like the pants that sit just below the waist because they don’t dig into my ribs (short torso) yet still cover my backside completely, but anything lower than that, what’s the point? Plumber crack is right up there with writing across the bottom on my list of fashion DON’Ts.

I think one should be able to go out to eat, shop, have a coffee–just live in general–without having to avert their eyes (or divert their kids’ attention elsewhere all the time), but I see bottom cleavage in public all of the time and I’m just SO ready for the fashion to change so those days are gone.

I find it ridiculous how teen boys wear their pants practically half way down their legs, it’s disgusting and I don’t see how it can be comfortable.

I don’t see what’s so wrong with wearing a belt and a tucked-in shirt or one that falls over long enough. :wink:

It would also be nice if we could sit, stand and kneel at Mass without having these areas exposed. We moved to the from pew for this very reason.:o

This reminds me of something I once saw at school. A boy walked by with his pants almost down to his knees, and one of my friends told that boy (jokingly) that there was a stain on his underwear. It wasn’t the most charitable way to correct the behavior, but for the rest of the school year that boy was wearing a belt. I think my friend made that comment more than once since I noticed that trend was starting to disappear in my school after that.

I’m not fond of seeing those quarter slots!

I’ve seen some of those “down there” pants. Recently, while riding the bus, I saw a young man who had his pants belted just below the hips. Yes, BELTED below the hips. How he kept them from follow all the way down is beyond me. And wouldn’t it interfere with his movements?

If your waistband is around your belly, it can be comfortable if it fits. Otherwise, it bisects your belly and it looks as if you have two abdomens.
If your waistband is around your hips, you have surrendered your dignity. The longer you let that go on the more embarrassed you will be when you realize your mistake.
If it is lower than that, you are being laughed at. May I offer you some suspenders?

That’s awesome.

nothing worse than seeing plumber’s crack. the worst part is they intentionally cut pants and shorts so that this happens.

in new orleans i remember the homies wearing pants so big they had to hold them up with their hands. they looked like clowns walking around and would trip over them if they had to run.

another fashion trend from the gutter.

Hahahhahahaahhaa that’s so funny! I might try that one day!
That reminds me of something my mum did once…

Mum didn’t realise that pants half way down your legs were “fashionable” to some. She was in a shop standing at the counter and the man serving her had his pants in this style. She said to him, “I think your pants are falling down!” Now she knows the truth-apparently, it’s fashionable;)

lol. thats so awesome. i almost made that same remark at work the other day but i figured it best to not “upset” a customer. i wanted to so badly though

I am soooo with you on this one, SwizzleStick. You see a lot of that here in rural Alabama, and it has nothing to do with fashion, and everything to do with overweight people whose wardrobe hasn’t caught up with their belly. There’ve been times when I’ve really wanted to drop a mouse into that gap, just to see what would happen.


To me, this style looks like one has pxxped their pants and that’s why they’re falling down. When I told my grandson this, he stopped. :smiley:


I was sitting here laughing so much that my daughter asked what was so funny. Just the idea of dropping a mouse there is just too funny! I have to admit, the next time I see that type of cleavage, I’ll be thinking about dropping a mouse and I probably won’t mind having that view as much as I otherwise would. :thumbsup:

I think we are all talking about different visual experiences here and none are good or modest:

  1. Males who buy pants that fit, but choose to wear them way low on their bottoms. Frequently, they are only pulled halfway up their seat, allowing their boxers/jockeys to show. Sometimes their underwear is also low enough that they expose cleavage. For the life of me, I cannot see how these guys walk around without completely losing their pants and without feeling ridiculous, but they someone manage, I guess.:eek:

  2. Females who buy the current fashion of low rider jeans/pants that are cut so low on their hips that either their bottom is not contained completely or if it is, then moving makes it come “uncontained” so they flash some bottom cleavage. Don’t they realize when they show so much flesh? Do they not care? I was in a store Friday when a young lady squatted down to reach for something on a lower shelf and I got an eyeful of a plumber shot. Just a bit more and it would have been a full moon shot. She had to have felt the breeze down yonder on her exposed skin, but I guess she didn’t care.:eek:

  3. Anyone who buys clothes that are too small for them and then in the process of bending, sitting, squatting, reaching don’t keep their southern regions properly covered. :eek:

Maybe I should take a trip to Petco to make a small purchase ala DaveBj and then liven up my next trip to the grocery store…or gas station…or mall…or discount store…or pharmacy… :smiley:

I had the same idea.:cool:

What is really sad about this is when the parents buy their little girls these same type of jeans. In one of the pre-K classes I taught last year this little girl came in when low rider jeans. This little 4 yr old girl spent over half the day pulling and tugging at those things trying to keep them up. :frowning: And yes, I got a shot of plumpers crack at least once that day.

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