Clement and the phoenix


I have been asked about Clement and the phoenix…what is the answer please?


In talking about the Resurrection, Clement used the example of a mythical animal.
That’s pretty much it.


What specifically have you been asked?


My guess? The Protestant he is in disucussion with probably wants to question the validity of Clement based on the Phoenix referance. Did Clement believe it to be a real animal or not? I heard the arguement before in my anti-Catholic days. But it holds no water. Do we question the validity of people today by whether they believe in the Loch Ness monster?


he implies that Clement is unrelaible because he gives credence to a myth!


Meaning that 1 Clement is supposed to be Scripture (infallible?)?:confused:


Clement probably knew as much about the phoenix as he did about the rhinoceros.


Truthstalker! How’s it going? Are you Catholic yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not so well.

No. Probably won’t happen.


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