Clergy Collaborator Sisters


There are a number of communities founded to collaborate with the clergy. Here is one from the UK, the Congregation of Our Lady of Pity:

In the St Joan thread, i mentioned one which is in the process of contracting, the Sisters of St Joan of Arc in Quebec.

There is another Quebec community which has already moved and is sharing conventual quarters with the Sisters of Providence. The Little Daughters of St Joseph were also clerical collaborators:

Maryvale Sisters, NC:


There was also a canadian order called Little Sisters of the Holy Family that I think did work in seminaries and rectories.



Sisters of St Francis of St George the Martyr:

Auxiliaries of the Blessed Sacrament:

Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Sisters of St Martha:

Oblates of Jesus the Priest:

Missionary Sisters of St Anthony:


Daughters of the Virgin Mother, NC:


Another group is the Hermanas Josefinas, or Josephine Sisters.They were founded in Mexico and engage4 in various works. In San Antonio they do domestic work at one of the seminaries here.


By the way, the Oblates of Jesus the priest were also in San Antonio at one time,but at some point left here.

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