Clergy get spiritually attacked more then laymen


We have all of these abuse cases, we have clergy that are less then desirable in their positions, and we often wonder why the church has to struggle like this and what has to change within it to fix things.

The fact remains, being in any position of authority in the church automatically makes you a target, the ones that give into it, are not attacked as much because they basically have given up the fight, thus the many complaints we hear about the problems. Looking deeper here though, we must always understand that they stand alone and it’s required by us parishioners to pray for them, to strengthen them, even if it’s hard to do in some of their cases, they need us more then they will admit.

The ones that do not give in, are hit far harder then us, and don’t you notice, the more devout one becomes, the more under attack we become. I’ve seen this as a correlation, working perfectly in sinc, I do something to help my brethren, automatically I face repercussions, just like I’m being punished, Well, I kind of am, not by Gob, but by the world because it lost it’s grip on yet one more person it had in it’s clutches.

Do we give in and stop helping? No, never, should we, don’t show weakness to the enemy, if anything, work even harder towards the good and salvation of souls.

At the same time, I also feel clergy are tested more by God, just to get them to grow more, for they are in a position of leadership, and again, they need our support.

If your clergy is lethargic, pray for them to be in fire, if they are rude, pray for them to learn empathy, if they are self centered, pray for them to be serving, if they embrace liberalism, pray for their embrace of orthodoxy. It has also got to be frustrating, leading mass and giving communion to so many who never go to confession, to so many that only go through the motions, and expected to say nothing by their superiors out of fear they will lose members, thus the church will lose donations, it also must be frustrating to have to dumb down the homilies because the bulk of the people that still don’t get it, can barely lap up milk, are not at all ready for real food. Seing from their perspective, no wonder so many give in and simply become indifferent about it, those of us that see with utter clarity need to tell them it’s ok for the fire and brimstone,it’s ok if the pews are not as full because people don’t want to hear the truth, or that they will get in trouble by their superiors.



Unfortunately, most of our priests (and bishops) only hear from most of us when (a) we “need” something (ie. a sacrament or a counseling session) or (b) we have a complaint. That’s sad.

How would we feel if the only time most of the people in our lives only came to us when they needed something or had a bone to pick with us?

And we wonder why there is a priest shortage?


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