Clergy Statistics

Book: The Catholic Church - What Everyone Needs to Know by John L. Allen Jr.

As of 2012:

412, 000 priests worldwide - 40,262 in the U.S.
5000 bishops, archbishops or cardinals
275, 000 deacons
Clergy represents only.05% of all Catholics
2300 dioceses with 630 archdioceses
195 dioceses and 25 archdioceses in America
730,000 sisters - 57,000 in U.S.A
54,000 brothers - 46,000 in U.S.A

Two-thirds of priests live in the Global North
1 priest for every 1300 baptized Catholics in America and Europe
1 priest for every 4,786 baptized Catholics in Africa
1 priest for every 5,322 baptized Catholics in Southeast Asia
1 priest for every 7,081 baptized Catholics in Latin America
In the United States, 1/6 of priests are foreign-born; 300 new international priests added every year
Bigard Memorial Seminary in southeastern Nigeria has an enrollment of over 1100, which is 1/5 the size of all US seminaries combined; however, increasingly large numbers of converts within the laity have led to greater priest shortages.
2200 employees work in the Roman Curia
1 Vatican official for every 545,000 Catholics
*150, 000 Christians die for their faith every year; 80% of all global religious acts of discrimination towards Christians

Does anyone have any stats to cross check at least one of these numbers? The last stat I remember seeing on deacons was that there were approximately 17,000 permanent deacons in the U.S. and maybe double that number worldwide, as of maybe 2010 or 2012. The cited number of 275,000 deacons just doesn’t seem right.

The number of priests seems relatively consistent. is a horrendous looking website, but the stats look legit.

Looks like the number of priests might be on the rise.

Here is a web site that states there are 28,057 deacons world wide and 13,462 in the United States, I do not see the year this is from.

But I agree 275,000 does seem high.

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