Clerical Celibacy

You seem to forget that the Eastern Catholic churches have ordained married men for hundreds of years.

Furthermore, the Church has never allowed the clergy to marry under normal circumstances – they must be married before they take orders.

St. Paul tells us that celibacy is a gift. Why run away from it?

This his also been a great source on conflict with our Eastern brothers, and we have tried to impose our view on them many times.

Celibacy would still be a gift, even if the Church allowed some rural Priests to be married for example.

Even if married Anglican clergy were to be ordained numbering in the thousands, they would most likely remain uncommon, simply because there are about 40,000 priests in American and over 400,000 worldwide…

NO … and thank God for that! I think that celibacy is important for priest’s life. :slight_smile:
In Christ, brother,

same here brother.

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