Clerical Celibacy

Do you see clerical celibacy ever changing? I am not meaning to be rude in any way, but I feel that if that rule was taken away, it would take away the specialness of the situation.

Can’t see it ever changing. I can’t imagine why Pope Gregory the 7th, made them all celibate.

I don’t see how it could either without somehow undermining the very fabric of Catholicism. The Holy Orders is one of the sacraments; so if that one is somehow changed, where do the others stand? Somewhere in the New Testament St. Paul talks about how it’s easier for people to devote their lives to ministry if they remain single. I can understand that completely- it’s a commitment, like marriage. I’ve heard some ridiculous things concerning this. Like the reason for all the sex scandals is because of the priests being required to remain celibate. Celibacy causes perversions to manifest. The church needs to fast forward into the present and be updated. Blah, blah, blah-- before I even considered converting I thought those observations were ridiculous. Celibacy doesn’t cause mental illness or compel people to do unspeakable acts. Sounds like something my teenage boyfriend would’ve whispered in my ear while we were parking, maybe 30 years ago. I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now.

Agreed! Celibacy has nothing to do with all the abuse! All the sexual abuse was with sadly, children. And it’s awful how priest’s today all have the rap for being sexual predators. 99.9% aren’t

Exactly! It wasn’t celibacy that caused it, it was an ill mind. Unfortunately, as you said, the sexual abuse was committed on young children, which is molestation, and again, has nothing to do with celibacy. It truly is awful, because I know many great Priests out there, who have probably been judged because of the sexual abuse claims in the recent years. It saddens me so much :frowning:

There are many good reasons to uphold clerical celibacy, but this one just cannot stand. Celibacy is not an integral part of the sacrament of Holy Orders and never has been. Allowing married men to be ordained has always happened in the church and continues to happen, in the Eastern Rites and occasionally in the Latin Rite as well.

There are many good arguments for clerical celibacy and there are many strong arguments for a married priesthood. We should present those arguments, but not confuse the issue by implying that a married man is somehow not valid matter for the sacrament. That is not the teaching of the church.


Priest should be celibate, and he should be a man of his people and not of his wife or family. If only we understand the beauty in chastity and purity we will understand the reason for celibate priesthood. Otherwise we will travel from celibate priesthood to married priesthood and from there to gay priesthood and make a mess of the situation. Married or legalised gay priesthood is not an answer to child molestation. Only people with genuine and chaste love for his fellow beings should be admitted to priesthood. First be ready to sacrifice something to represent others in their sacrifice before God. Even a married man sacrifices many of his inclinations to foster a healthy marriage life and for the benefit of children. There is no christian life without sacrifice and in the absence of sacrifice our mass will soon convert to be an insincere act.

First off, a married man can be a “man of his people” including his wife and children, don’t you agree? Some may not, but I can promise you it has nothing to do with his being married. I know many priests, celibate priests, who have no idea what it means to be men of his people. Second, every person is called to chastity and purity in their state of life. I am a married permanent deacon; I do lead a chaste life, pure in that state of life. Sometimes chastity and purity includes sexual relations. Chastity and purity does not mean no sex for all vocations. Chastity in marriage is just as beautiful as chastity in celibacy, only difference is the sacrament of matrimony.

This assertion you make here is unfounded. For this to be true, the Church would have to about face on dogma, ain’t gunna happen. If you want to be completely truthful however, the current state of affairs shows proof that in today’s world, Paul’s writings prove to be so true, some are not able to live alone and not marry. Let those marry, he writes in 1 Corinthians 7:8-9;

“Now to the unmarried and to widows, I say: it is a good thing for them to remain as they are, as I do, but if they cannot exercise self-control they should marry, for it is better to marry than to be on fire.”

Paul was a celibate bishop. Jesus was a celibate Redeemer; celibacy is beautiful and important and always will be a part of the Church’s hierarchy no matter what the discipline. My son is in formation to one day be a priest and he is a believer that he is called to live a life of celibacy. He also warns about those who cannot live that way. I believe in our current times, for a man to live in celibacy is tougher than ever; with pornography and immorality at such an easy access to anyone any where. A man entering the priesthood now had better fully understand Paul’s writings or he will end up struggling with the same issues as any mortal man. Celibacy is a beautiful gift from God, not all are called to that way of life.

Again, to include “married clergy” to “gay clergy” is completely offensive in my opinion; not to mention a giant leap over common sense. The answer to child molestation has nothing to do with celibate nor non-celibate clergy; it has everything to do with mental illness and responsibility to correct the problem. I think the Church hierarchy understands this now.

We can agree here. Whether unmarried or married, men must understand what “genuine and chaste love” is.

Every person must be ready to sacrifice whether clergy or not.

Again we agree, the sacrifice here is of Jesus Christ.

Thanks God we have celibacy, it’s true gift even if you don’t belive me. It frees us, we are free because of it and we truly can dedicate entire our lives to God and to the people.

May God bless you,

Cannot disagree with this post at all. Celibacy to me demonstrates just how beautiful marriage is, and visa versa.

Like has been stated, celibacy has always been a part of the clergy in the Church and it will always be a part of the Church.

While the religious can and always will be celibate, there is nothing profoundly more sacred about celibate secular clergy as opposed to those who are married. I can’t see how opening the priesthood to married men would alter the face of Catholicism. It’s worked fine for the Orthodox and our Eastern Catholic brothers.

I think celibacy is important. Mostly because of our culture, where everyone says “extramarital sex is good, natural and healthy! To not have sex at all is impossible!”
Am I the only one who’s heard at least one person say “The Church’s teaching on chastity is too hard!”

This way, along with monks, nuns and sisters we can proudly say “These folks have done it for years, some decades. You can do it until you’re married.”

The thing I like about celibacy for priests is persona christi

It is true that priests should be celibate. I use to think that way, that priests should be married untill I caught back up to a friend from the past. And I realized that true Love runs deeper then hitting the sack with someone, or the marrital embrace. True love will always be there when you cant even have sex.

Back in the Old Testiment, Priests could marry because of them being Jewish and they needed to keep the line of Levi going for priests, but now that that call has been extended to the Gentiles, that marriage is no longer needed. So now the person can focus on following Christ and serving Christ to the fullest extent. Everything else is from the Evil One. You must give up all to follow Christ.

I don’t know your age, but the conundrum here is that young men are asked to consider the priesthood at about age 17—years of high hormones!—which makes it tough to seriously consider it.

By the time a man is 28, this drive has become much more bearable. And your maturity kicks in and you realize that it’s possible to live very well on your own.

Certainly celibacy helps maintain focus and keeps one from constant distraction.

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