Clerics and Monks aren't allowed to joke around?


I’ve noticed that there is a quote that has been mentioned on some blogs, but it has no source:

"If any cleric or monk speaks jocular words, such as provoke laughter, let him be anathema.” --Ordinance, Second Council of Constance 1418.

Is this actually true?

Wouldn’t the likes of St. Teresa, St. Therese, Padre Pio, Mother Thresa, JPII, and B16 be living in mortal sin if this were the case?..I’m confused


I can’t see it is true:

I would say that often the local Councils (the ones that aren’t ecumenical- meaning the whole Church) are reacting to specific circumstances, like for instance if someone was going around telling jokes in Mass or something. It would be interesting to research the context. I will look in some books when I get home from the office! :thumbsup:


It would help if you had a Session number associated with this quote due to the number of documents, this Council was held over a four year period.


Our former pastor, now retired, always opened his homilies with a light, cute story (except on Good Friday). Many priest and deacons do.
I’ve never met a religious that didn’t enjoy a clean, non-blasphemous, non-sacreligious joke.


It was referring to the context of Celebrating Mass.


does that mean it’s a moratl sin for a priest to tell a joke during a homily?




btw, where did you find that? I can’t find anything on the net with the quote.


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