Cleveland Browns Player Andrew Hawkins Defends T-Shirt Protesting Police Shootings


After Cleveland Browns player Andrew Hawkins wore a shirt before Sunday’s game calling for justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford III, two black Ohioans killed by police, the head of Cleveland’s police union called him ‘pathetic’ and demanded an apology.

But when Hawkins addressed the media yesterday, he didn’t apologize. Instead, he delivered an impassioned speech defending his decision to wear the shirt and explaining why it was important for him to do so.

“I was taught that justice is a right that every American should have,” Hawkins, 28, told reporters Monday. “Also, justice should be the goal of every American. I think that’s what makes this country. To me, justice means the innocent should be found innocent. It means that those who do wrong should get their due punishment. Ultimately, it means fair treatment.

“So a call for justice shouldn’t offend or disrespect anybody. A call for justice shouldn’t warrant an apology.”


He doesn’t need to apologize to anyone. He is entitled to his view and, in the case of the shooting of Tamir Rice, I absolutely agree with him. I don’t know as much about the case of John Crawford, so I can’t really comment.

A police union head calls Hawkins ‘pathetic’? What’s pathetic is that the Cleveland Police hired an officer that was basically run out of another local department for not having the emotional maturity to handle the job.


After that 30 - 0 fiasco Sunday might as well make political statements.


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