Cleveland, Chicago bishops bet food over World Series win


Cleveland, Chicago bishops bet food over World Series win


I think that’s neat. It really brings out the personality of these men that we sometimes do not realize. God bless them.


This is really neat.

I bet both dioceses’ (is that how you spell the plural of diocese?) end up donating anyway.


Nice to see the bishops can enjoy themselves a bit with the World Series.


Ok, I’m only half serious… And somebody has to be that guy. But somewhere there is a refugee that is hungry who cannot comprehend what a whole pizza would look like that is going. You bet food on a game!?

To be fair if Cleveland wins the bishop of Cleveland loses. I hate Chicago pizza!


Pierogies yum! But I have to be fair I like deep dish too. Just not in this series. :slight_smile:


Gin’s East pizza if you have a choice.


Phew. What a relief.

They could have bet on when Global Warming was going to arrive for those two cities.

(If it happened … Global Warming … or even LOCAL warming would be welcome in both places). :wink:

Drew Carey global warming

I love Cleveland. The weather’s just terrible there - too cold. All we want to know in Cleveland is where the hell’s all that global warming we’ve been hearing so much about.

That’s all they ever do in the winter, stand outside with an aerosol can. > ssst < That’s right. **** the grandkids. I’m cold now.

Add “Windy City” to that cold … and Chicago is worse. IMO.

Be all that as it may … November or not … some longsuffering baseball fans will soon feel all warm inside. And in one city … scores of people will be “less hungry” too.

**** = “forget”


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