Cleveland Crisis Actors - CNN 24/7 Fake News - Anderson Cooper The CIA Mole Exposed

Please pray that all of these “False Flags” end. I am getting very tired of all these “False Flags” and the fact that people still believe they are real.

You seem to have a bit of a bee in your bonnet about “false flag” incidents – it’s just about all you ever post about here.

You’re also flat-out wrong, of course. The “false flag” thing doesn’t even make sense.

We all need to use discernment and not fall for these orchestrated “False Flags”. You are too easily fooled. People need to learn that the media loves to get people to buy into their “False Flags” to further their agenda. When the credit market collapses, you won’t be falling for the medias propaganda any longer.

I’ve never heard of a false flag. Is the concept just another spin of the bottle between knee-jerk liberals and conspiracy-minded conservatives?

I agree with you about false flags, its really no surprise the majority of people believe every thing the media reports, they realize this and use it to their advantage, its a very clever deception for modern times.

So, that elderly gentleman wasn’t killed at all? There are plenty of his relatives in Cleveland who’d beg to differ.

You really need to get off this “crisis actors” kick and stop watching this YouTube channel. This is the same YouTube channel you linked to when you insisted that there hadn’t really been any attacks in London or in St. Petersburg, Russia. I agree that we all need to use a bit of discernment with the media, but calling real tragedies fake is insulting to those who suffered in the tragedies.

(PS – a false flag attack is when a country, say, stages an attack while claiming an enemy did it. The term comes from naval warfare and originally referred to a ship that would fly a different country’s flag as a deception. I really have no idea how that term could apply to a situation between individuals, like the murder in Cleveland.)

One other thought: That video channel you linked to also has numerous videos claiming to prove that the earth is flat.


You know using unverified, unsourceable social media stories - like youtube - is what ‘fake news’ really means, right?

Actually, I’ve found youtube to be more honest and right than the mainstream media.

But not to worry------there are plenty of people including Church leaders who watch the 10 PM news and believe it.

I am not even sure.why these conspiracy videos are even allowed to be posted.
I actually find them offensive and an insult to those who have been killed.

Me too. It’s great for getting on the ground real information when crisis break out and the controlled media tries to paint the situation different to fool the public. Youtube is one of my top resources.

But, watching wear channels and not using common sense (Cleveland Law Enforcement found the body of the elderly, FBI helping to find murderer etc,) can be a problem for some.

Really, you cant think of how a false flag could be used to further just about any agenda? LOL

Its really very simple, and quite effective ( I will use gun control as an example, but the same tactic could be used for anything else too)…stage some kind of mass shooting, have the media report many dead, point the finger at a crazy lone wolf with history of mental problems, when the public hears this on the news, they become upset, and ask questions like, how could a person like this get a gun so easy, maybe we need more gun control, etc etc.

Another example involving islamic terror…stage a public attack that kills people, have the media show footage that is heartbreaking, point the finger at a radical muslim…all the sudden, all these people are OK with more laws, more control, and would happily accept living in a quasi police state from now on… believing these things are being done to protect their safety.

If done right, these things can be very effective, and can sway public sentiment on just about anything.

Plus look at how effective they have been on changing the public sentiment in regards to homosexual marriage, acceptance of homosexual relationships, this is basically a reverse false flag, show homosexuality in the way they want it to be shown, eventually opinions change, and we are where we are right now.

You have to keep in mind, our govt is so corrupt, I would not put anything past them and I mean ANYTHING. If they think they can further some agenda by misleading the public they would do it in a heartbeat.

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