Cleveland demonstration about ferguson


Yesterday afternoon protesters BLOCKED the Shoreway and motorists were stuck for about an hour.

Cleveland Councilman Zach Reed said he was “loving every minute of it”. Hmmm, I wonder if his boy or girl, if he has any, was shot at home, or anywhere, by a “protest” gunner and an ambulance was taking him to the hospital and got stuck on the Shoreway and he died because the ambulance could not get out. I wonder if he would be “loving every minute” of it then.

Suppose a woman in labor taking a cab to the hospital had a breech birth and with no way for help she or the baby or both died?? I wonder if he would be “loving every minute” of it then.

Suppose a car ran out of gas, can’t run = no heater, and a tiny delicate infant died from the cold in a matter of minutes. I wonder if he would be “loving every minute of it” then.

He said as long as they are PEACEFUL, as he said they were, they have a 1st AM right to block roads like that. Where did he go to law school, if he did?

Ohio laws broken;

  1. Disorderly conduct

  2. Unlawful restraint of liberty.

  3. Possibly abduction

  4. Possibly even kidnapping.

The 1st AM does not even protect “fighting words”, how can he say it protects conduct like that???

Simply because “no hand was laid upon person or property” how was it peaceful???


I’m hope they are arresting every single person involved. This lawlessness that they support must be crushed. And on top it, they should stop pandering to people by pretending there is any legitimacy to their protests. It’s just feeding the fire. There is absolutely no justification for protests in this case.


Here’s a link to a news story to keep this thread within forum guidelines. They were also protesting a police officer fatally shooting a 12-year-old in Cleveland.


I don’t see any real outrage by many in the media. it seems the excuse of “frustration” is tossed around to explain the behavior. Unfortunately, the actions of the 95% black youth only make the poor kid that was shot look more likely to have done what the Police Officer said. And that is to engage in dangerous unstable behavior requiring that he defend himself. That may be completely false, but again, with the dead boys peers acting in such a way, the policeman’s version is reinforced.


You’re saying the protestors should be arrested because you don’t think they have a good justification to protest?

That’s a pretty dangerous line of thinking. I bet you that President Obama doesn’t think that pro-life demonstrators have a good justification to protest!




There is a difference between hoping someone should be arrested and believing there is just cause for people to be arrested. Many people who sympathize with a cause might acknowlege that the is just cause for a protestor to be arrested, while still hoping that they are not arrested. On the other hand, those against the message might hope that they are arrested, even if they admit that there is no just cause to arrest them.


No one is allowed to block traffic as far as I know. The exception would be for a parade that would require an application to be filed and determined to be acceptable. Blocking traffic creates havoc with people’s lives. it is illegal in this case. All should be arrested if they refuse to disperse. Sidewalk counseling has nothing in common with this public lawlessness.


:thumbsup: I agree.


Why is no one on this thread upset about the fact that a little boy was shot and killed?

May the Lord bless and keep him.


Are you referring to the 12 year old with the pellet gun?
I had heard about that but don’t know where it happened.
This thread is a different topic. I guess you could start a thread on that little boy if you want.
That was sad. Not the first time it has happened. I don’t know all the circumstances.


the article posted was about protests that included Tamir Rice.


I didn’t read the article. I thought the thread topic was Cleveland and Ferguson.

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