Cleveland man threatens black neighbors with slur, says 'Donald Trump will fix them,' police say


A 54-year-old Cleveland man has been arrested and is charged with ethnic intimidation and assault after police say he threatened to cut his black neighbors, while calling them a racial slur and invoking Donald Trump.

“The RNC will take care of them, Donald Trump will fix them because they are scared of Donald Trump,” Slapnik told officers, according to police reports.


What can one say except that this man has been a criminal for years and he’s got the gall to complain about his neighbors based solely on their race? I’ll bet he wasn’t so picky when he was selling drugs. :rolleyes: The man needs locking up for everyone’s safety.


Keep your distance from street strange people.


His name is “Slapnik”?

Are we sure this isn’t just a joke story, like Pope Francis becoming an atheist or Donald Trump qutting his presidential campaign? :smiley:


Reminds of the guys burning the American flags at the Trump California rally, waving the Mexican ones - attacking the Trump supporters. The wackos come out from all sides. Unfortunately. The key is to disown your wackos before they destroy your reputation and/or message. Control the branding. All lives matter!



It’s amazing to me that so many people will not admit that racism and racist still exist in this country. How many people support Trump because he says what they feel that they can’t say, lots. There has been in increase in school bullying against minorities since this campaign season started, yet many ignore it. This is what happens when the vitriol increase and people become emboldened to act against “others”. Please do not make light of this incident.


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