Clichéd situations

I was sorry to read the thread from the woman who’s essentially married to the father of her child, except that he won’t actually take the vows. Unfortunately, if your life situation resembles a cliché, then you are probably not a special exception and the outcome of your situation will be a cliché, as well. Here’s the start of a list:

“My significant other won’t marry me until/unless _____________”
You’re not getting a ring. Sorry.

“He/she is separated, but not officially divorced.” (Extra cliché points if the person is still living with the “separated” spouse, but only for the sake of the children!)
You’re the side piece. Sorry.

“My significant other [insert description of irrational, jealous behavior or boundary violations] has trust issues because of past infidelities.”
He/she is controlling; it won’t get better. Sorry.

“My spouse swears that there’s been nothing except these inappropriate text messages/hugs/other intimacy that falls short of actual intercourse.”
He/she is cheating on you. Sorry.

“This person is an alcoholic/can’t hold a job/has an explosive temper/screams at me for trivial reasons/other Major Red Flag, but I’m so much in love. How can we overcome these issues and get married?”
GET OUT NOW. If you’re already married…sorry.

Please add to the list, and if you recognize your situation in one of these clichés…sorry. Stop fooling yourself.


“The Catholic Church doesn’t allow divorce - you’re stuck forever”

Not true!

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My non-Catholic/lapsed Catholic prospective spouse wants me to compromise my conscience in regard to major Catholic morals and responsibilities (premarital sex, birth control, raising children Catholic, attending Mass as a family, religious upbringing of children, children receiving the Sacraments) but I’m so in love/don’t think I’ll ever find anyone else who wants to marry me.


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