Climate Change Agenda Exploits In correct assumptions

Every effort made to “change” the climate by imposing severe energy restrictions($)manufacture of hybrid cars is now out the window permanently by ONE Icelandic volcanic eruption.That thing has put more gases,co2 and general junk into the atmosphere than we could in 5000 years of industrialization.

By Dr. Tim Ball Monday, May 24, 2010
In 1963 while chasing Soviet submarines around the North Atlantic with the Canadian Air Force, I was privileged to see the new volcanic island of Surtsey emerge off the coast of Iceland. By the mid-1980s scientists knew how quickly life appeared. Despite this, they were surprised by how quickly life returned after Mount St Helens erupted. We can allow it takes time for a paradigm shift, a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumption, to occur. However, the idea that catastrophic human impacts on the environment, such as climate change, would take decades to recover or push them beyond recovery was exploited to exaggerate fear and push an agenda. The phrase “tipping point” became synonymous with this fear.

Uniformitarianism; A False Paradigm
Environmentalists, politicians, and politically biased scientists exploited uniformitarianism. This is the false assumption that change is slow over long periods, which underpins the western scientific view of the world. One example, still believed by most, is that the Earth’s orbit round the Sun is a fixed, small ellipse. Science has known for over 150 years it is constantly changing because of gravitational pull of Jupiter from almost circular to double the current amount. Most believe our Sun is unchanging and meteorology texts talk about the solar constant, however, astronomers label it a small variable star.

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