Climate depression is for real. Just ask a scientist

Those poor persecuted “climate scientists” suffering some kind of traumatic stress disorder.
Just because no one believes them, and they’ve failed the scientific method.

Have a good laugh.

Two years ago, Camille Parmesan, a professor at Plymouth University and the University of Texas at Austin, became so “professionally depressed” that she questioned abandoning her research in climate change entirely.

There is nothing laughable about suicide, or about depression.

Egos do get deflated when reality intrudes and destroys a fantasy.
Good scientists will focus on the research and what can be learned, not the outcome.

Good scientists focusing on the research and what can be learned has nothing to do with you thinking depression and suicide are something to read about for “a good laugh.”

Can you imagine the level of depression and PTSD among Mormon archaeologists?

There is no definitive proof either way. So I wouldn’t be so quick to laugh at research that still may turn out to be true. Give me a proof that God exists. The bible is not proof. It is only the story that is written by believers. Climate change is happening and humans may still turn out to be the driving force.

Don’t even go there ! ! ! It may just boomirang** back on you. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

How about the level of depression and PTSD among combat vets like myself? Hey, I only tried to blow my brains out with my sidearm once so I can take a joke. Go ahead, let’s hear some more haha jokes about depression and PTSD.

It’s the result of experiencing cognitive dissonance when presented with evidence that goes against their belief in global warming.

Don’t expect anyone to address that, oldcatholicguy. Some people here have found something to smugly mock the leftie liberal democrat epithet-of-the-week about, and that seems to trump any and all Christian charity on some of these forums. :sad_yes:

Why are you even comparing the two?

Combat PTSD is a serious illness that requires our care and compassion

A PHD who finally connects with reality and has their ego deflated - that’s just the regular real world intruding.

I mock PHD whining because they are taking themselves too seriously, they stubbed their toe if compared to one returning from life/death 24/7 combat environment.

If you read the article it is not about being presented with evidence of any kind. It is about the level of pubic non-acceptance.

I cannot understand why so many people - and Christians specifically - are hostile to climate change and consequently caring more for the environment. Perhaps the evidence may not be 100% conclusive, but there is evidence and, even if it is only conjectural, shouldn’t we be trying to build a sustainable and more pleasant environment in which to live? If climate change doesn’t convince you, I can understand, but what about all the species threatened with extinction, the polluted air and waterways, deforestation, and so on? Do we just ignore this?

Just because you don’t believe someone is justified being depressed does not give you the right to mock them. Speaking as someone who has lost a child to depression, I am deeply offended when anyone speaks so lightly of depression.

It’s a good thing you’re not a Mormon archaeologist and a combat vet.

Let’s start a thread on Mormon archaeology! :smiley: Or maybe not. :o

You nailed it: PCDSD

If you are a qualified scientist, Obamacare will cover retreat therapy and up to 2 yrs full tuition, to learn a useful skill.

Jonathan, stop playing with logical fallacies.
Because I hate BS doesn’t mean I don’t love the environment (love my Prius),
you just need a new poster child for your cause, because the CO2 dog won’t hunt anymore, the ruse has been exposed.

Dude, not cool. :dts:

I’ve lost family and friends to depression and PTSD. Almost lost myself to it a few times. It’s not funny, not clever, and deeply offensive to make a joke like that.

I’m surprised you are still listed as an active member after this post.

I repeat, I am highly offended at your light-hearted treatment of serious mental health problems. That is equivalent to the old schoolyard taunts of “He’s such a retard”. If you want to talk about global warming, and say how you think it is a myth, that is fine. But stop making fun of people’s suffering.:mad:

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