Climate to inspire exodus from Middle East, North Africa in coming decades


**MAINZ, Germany, May 2 (UPI) – Temperature and sea level aren’t the only things expected to rise as a result of climate change. As heat becomes more extreme in some parts of the world, scientists expect a significant rise in the number of climate refugees.

Climate scientists with the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry expect the coming decades to feature a mass exodus of millions from the Middle East and North Africa as extreme temperatures become more common.**

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Despite decades of disastrous climate change predictions…not one of them have come true.

I doubt this one will either.

Here is what ABC said life would be like in 2015 due to climate change.,d.cGc


Here is just one example of a climate change prediction that did come true:
As you can see, the sea level changes as measured by both tide gauges and by satellite measurements are at the upper edge of the IPCC’s worst-case prediction, made in 1990.


Goes up in Australia, down in Hudson bay.


Despite this 18-month blip, the prediction still came true. You said none of them did. But the very article you cited agrees with what I said.


So…where is the catastrophe?

Yes, you put up a graph showing the sea level went up somewhere. I showed you that sea levels go up some places, while going down in other places. Been happening for millions of years.

For decades the leftist media has been telling us about how calamatous the climate is going to be. I remember the Time magazine cover showing the northern and southern glaciers meeting on the equator. Then it was global warming. Now it’s just “climate change.”

The OP posted someone’s “new” theory of calamatous climate change. It too will be proven wrong.


In 2006 Al Gore said we had 10 years to “SAVE THE PLANET”. All we had to do was send him money, and give his friends political power, and we would all be saved!!

It’s been 10 years.



So, if I stand by the seaside for 10 years, my toes which were dry, will be wet? Oh the horror. We will all be rooned.


It’s hard to know who to trust on this issue.

Here is an example.

CNN reports on a glacier ice bridge collapse
attributing it to climate change including the comments at the end:
“You can just see what a warming climate does to glaciers.”
“It is sad to see.”

I was sad until I looked into it further.

I looked into it further and found this on Wikipedia (Not always an accurate source but other sources back them up on this one.)

The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of only three Patagonian glaciers that is growing.

The last rupture occurred on March 10, 2016,[3] and previously, March 4, 2012, 2008, 2006, 2004, 1988, 1986, 1980, 1977, 1975, 1972, 1970, 1966, 1963, 1960, 1956, 1953, 1952, 1947, 1940, 1934 and 1917.[4] It ruptures, on average, about every four to five years.

That’s why all the folks were ready with their cameras to catch it on video. :wink:



Thanks, I needed that! :smiley:

Seriously, though, this area (like homosexuality) is one where ideology has made science its toady. No one in my part of the world can deny that summers are getting hotter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the sky is falling and an environmental apocalypse is imminent.


Lets assume that that there will be a mass exodus of millions from the Middle East and North Africa… will it be because of the climate or the extreme amount of violence and war in those same areas? I bet if you ask an Al Gore type it will be because if the climate with no mention of the violence, unless they end up blaming the violence on the climate too.


I bet if you ask an Al Gore type it will be because if the climate with no mention of the violence, unless they end up blaming the violence on the climate too.

Not sure what you mean by “an Al Gore type” … but many studies, not always conducted by Al-Gore-types, have indeed shown that extreme heat can be linked to a rise in aggression and violence.

As Temperatures Rise, Empires Fall: Heat and Human Behavior
People really do behave worse in hot weather—and whole nations do too



“The Sky is falling ! The Sky is falling! I must go tell the King”

Henny Penny, Honorary PHD in Climatology from Yale University , U N Climate Advisor


Extreme cold does the same thing. That’s why Texas and Florida fill up with the Yankees during the winter


The expansion of the Sahara is going to make life more difficult there.
There is not much way around that.


Too right, EB.
As a former Canuck, I can verify that!



Yes, you do know what I mean or else you would not have been able to say this:

How would you know the studies are not conducted by Al Gore type people unless you know what it is I meant by it.


More examples of alarmism that, of course, didn’t come to fruition.


A good example of what happens when politicians and journalists pretend to be scientists. I refer both to Al Gore and to Michael Bastasch who wrote the Daily Caller article.

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