Clinics for World’s Vulnerable Brace for Trump’s Anti-Abortion Cuts



“The world’s vulnerable”? Who is more vulnerable than the child these organizations cut to pieces?

I welcome Trump’s reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy, including whatever enhancements he has added to it. American taxpayers should not be forced to pay for something they believe is profoundly evil. If George Soros wants to provide the $600 million, they need to go to him to provide it, not to me.

On the scale of things, $600 million isn’t all that much. Soros probably spends that much or more on a single private plane. And if he’s feeling stingy, there are plenty of Hollywood types who will be happy, I’m sure, to come up with the shortfall.

Completely aside from who is being forced to pay for it, the government of the American people should not be setting the immoral example abroad of promoting abortion.


No kidding. :thumbsup:


Maybe the media attention will provoke the world to think differently about abortion.


100% with you on this!


Agreed. the protection of the child in the womb is the Civil Rights issue of our time.

From the article:
"Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, echoed the sentiment, writing on Twitter, “Not one dime of taxpayer money should pay for abortion.”

The Mexico City policy has been in effect under every Republican administration since President Ronald Reagan announced it in 1984. And it has been revoked by every Democratic administration."

How we vote matters.


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