Clinton ahead among Catholics in poll; Latinos, white women lead way

Catholics are giving a decided edge to Hillary Clinton, as she has a 5-to-4 margin over Donald Trump, according to a new poll released Oct. 31 at a news conference at the National Press Club.

Hispanic Catholics and white women are helping Clinton make these gains, said the poll results, released by the Public Religion Research Institute in conjunction with the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee, got support from 51 percent of Catholics compared to 40 percent for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. This compares to a much closer 50 percent-48 percent advantage Catholics gave to President Barack Obama over GOP challenger Mitt Romney four years ago in Obama’s re-election bid.

I don’t trust any polls that give clinton the edge.

Why not?

For me, it depends on the polls. For the polls that oversample democrats by 100% (some oversample 10+% when the reality should be around 5%), I think they have an agenda, and are wrong.

They don’t all do this, but many that gets major press do.

Really, can you blame them when Trump entered the race by implying all Mexicans are rapists and we have him on tape bragging about a sexual assault? I’m pro-life and not in a “personally opposed but…” way. I try to be a faithful Catholic. But I’m also a disabled woman who knows I’m one wrong move from being groped or worse. Sexual harassment and racism aren’t imaginary. I’ve seen them. Trump hates the weak; the worst thing you can be is a “loser.” And then we act shocked those most aware of their vulnerability look for a protector?

We’re going to have a lot of soul-searching to do after the election.

No they aren’t imaginary. Neither are partial birth abortions, gay "marriage, transgender bathroom laws, attacks of religious freedom, and the mocking of Catholics. Hillary is a big fan of all of these. You’ll forgive me if your misgiving about Trump don’t show up on the radar when he’s running against Hillary.

Also, do me a favor and cite your evidence that he hates the “weak”, whoever this imaginary group is. That’s a new one, even on this site.

Exactly when did Trump say all Mexicans are rapists? I heard him say many illegal aliens from Mexico are rapists and criminals of all sorts. I never heard him say ALL Mexicans are rapists.

He mocked a disabled reporter at a press conference.

He implied that John McCain was a loser/weak because he was captured.

He has openly admitted that he does not like losers.

Nope, he didn’t mock a disabled reporter. More media BS. Trump has used those hand gestures many times with many different people

Gets tedious,doesn’t it?Having to constantly fight against the obvious mis truths re what Trump actually said and the interpretation of what the liberals think he said.:eek:

I know. To be willfully deceived and just run with it! I wouldn’t vote for the person they describe!

That’s kind of like saying he’s called many people retarded and so he clearly wasn’t using the word as a slur. Those hand gestures have the same meaning, and they’re offensive.

Oversampled results are scaled down based on the the groups distribution within a population. For example, if someone polled 200 people in california. California is 1.7% Asian American, 6.5% African American, 72.9% White,… Someone might think to only survey 3 Asian Americans, 13 African Americans for this poll and 146 White Americans and so on. But surveying people like this can give bad results for those that are in the smaller groups. Instead of surveying only 3 Asian Americans one might decide to oversample and, for our example, speak to 30. But when presenting this information the results from Asian Americans would be given lower weights (in this case scaling it down by 10) to normalize the results.

That’s oversampling.

With that said why do you see that as problematic

This is different, though, than claiming all polls that show a lead by Clinton shouldn’t be trusted.

People do different things when they are attacked with lies. Ridicule is most often called for imo, to show the absurdity of the lies!

All the polls aside, my fundamental guess would be that most Catholics will not vote based on religion. If we did, Clinton would not have a chance. Probably this year won’t be much different from any other election. Most regular chuchgoing Catholics will vote for Trump. Most “sometime” Catholic men will vote Trump. Most “sometime” women will vote Clinton. Most Hispanics will vote based on what the media has said about Trump hating Hispanics.

Among Hispanics, there are probably big differences. Most Cubans will probably vote Trump. Most Puerto Ricans will vote Clinton. A substantial number of Mexican-descended men will vote Trump, but most Clinton. Most Mexican-descended women will vote Clinton.

One of the oddities of Hispanic voting is that Mexican-descended men are, below the surface, more Republican than white Republicans. They’re anti-government, despise taxes, don’t like welfare recipients, are born entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to be in business for themselves, and don’t like illegal immigration. At least that’s true of Mexican-American men I know. It won’t be now, but someday Mexican-descended men will probably turn Republican.

Mocking someone’s disability is not “ridicule”, it is hatred.

Hate may be a strong word but he definitely is dismissive and demeaning of those he deems weak. The Trump family is well-known to subscribe to the “racehorse theory” of human development: there are genetically superior and inferior people, and the Trumps of course are genetically superior.

Once again, he didn’t mock anyone’s diability!


Yes, hate was a strong word and rash judgment on my part. I apologize.

I’m just frustrated. I’m starting to feel like any character flaw or odious policy position, including those touching mortal sins are a-OK as long as the right noises about abortion are made.

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