Clinton aide Abedin interviewed by FBI in email investigation


Yep! Today is email Friday! Uma spent two hours in the hot seat - drip, drip, drip.

Hillary says with all the troubles we have in the world we cannot have a loose cannon?
Gee, I got such a wave of relief - it sounded like she was resigning!!


Well, it’s quoting an unnamed source, but this Washington Post article suggests that the prosecutors are not finding evidence that Clinton broke the law.


What I’ve been saying for months. They will not find any evidence that she broke the law. No criminal activity, no recommendation to indict.

"The involvement of the U.S. Attorney’s Office is not indicative that charges are imminent or even likely. One official said prosecutors are wrestling with the question of whether Clinton intended to violate the rules, and so far, the evidence seemed to indicate she did not.

“U.S. officials also dismissed claims by a Romanian hacker now facing federal charges in Virginia that he was able to breach Clinton’s personal email server. The officials said investigators have found no evidence to support the assertion by Marcel Lehel Lazar to Fox News and others, and they believed if he had accessed Clinton’s emails, he would have released them — as he did when he got into accounts of other high-profile people.”

So the password guesser is lying - not at all surprised his claims have been dismissed.



With all due respect, Lily, what evidence indicates she did not break the law? I must have missed it.

Do you need that or are you innocent until PROVEN guilty?? Just asking…


Of course they wouldn’t. They work for Loretta Lynch.

Think I’ll wait for the likely FBI leak when Lynch declines to prosecute.


I didn’t read the article. All I’ll say is that for someone who “does nothing wrong” there sure seem to be a lot of fairly continuously presented allegations of potential wrongdoing or inaction of right doing over many decades…


That’s what’s great about this story. It has a built-in conspiracy theory. The right has already decided that she’s guilty of this heinous crime, but, if she isn’t prosecuted, it is for political reasons.


People on here did state they “had confidence in the FBI, bc the head hauncho of the FBI stated that he was looking closely at this case”.

Either you have confidence or you don’t. You cant have it both ways.


That is true. I, myself, have never wavered on the supposition that she won’t be prosecuted for anything. Today’s news leans heavily in that direction.


And this is based upon what? Do you have some secret source that none of us have?


We aren’t supposed to reveal personal information here.


That is so laughable.


IMO, it probably has more to do with the FBI and people at the justice dept looking out for themselves, if she wins the presidency, she could make their lives hell.


They no doubt are thinking of that, Mikekle. :wink:


Yes, because she would no doubt use her position to try to damage those she perceives as her enemies. The Clinton’s have a long history of this.


The source says a government source, which (since the FBI is notoriously anti-leak, and DOJ somewhat less so but still more closed-mouth on criminal investigations than the likely alternative) is likely DOS - which has been very protective of their former boss throughout this.


There is no sensible reason to think Hillary Clinton and staff are not guilty of breaking laws
of extreme importance to national security. Especially compounding these crimes by failure to comply with orders to provide emails in question. That was Clinton’s original intention, to hide emails that would expose the schemes she had going.

Now its getting down to what did the State Department do with 4.5 million dollars provided to cover the expense of having staff and technical expertise to produce the emails. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Of course Obama/Clinton Democrat politics are working overtime on this one. After experiencing the damage to our government over the past 8 years - having confidence that Hillary Clinton will be indicted and charged with the crimes she has committed - is very little. The Attorney General belongs to Obama as does the State Department (Kerry). Until this regime is over, and events give us strength and renewal, doubts outweigh confidence. The Senate and House, that the Democrats had locked up, allowed this corruption to last and so far a house cleaning did not produce strong and able replacements.

God willing, we will get there yet and make America great again!


There are people who divulge all kinds of personal info when it appears to their advantage…to assert personal credibility, and none of it is verifiable. But then when pressed, will suddenly go silent.
Such is the internet.
There are many posers. We just have to deal with it, as annoying as it is.
It seldom brings the credibility that people crave though. It nearly always backfires.
God bless you.

Meanwhile, back to crazy Hilary. :wink:


Source for Hillary Clinton being “crazy?”

If no credible source, I believe it falls in the category of “malicious gossip.”

Hillary Clinton is perfectly sane, shrewd, and will be the next president of the US.

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