Clinton ally compares black Republicans to Jews who aided Nazis in Project Veritas video

A longtime Clinton ally and donor has a theory about black Republicans: They’re like the Jewish guards in concentration camps who tried to save their own skins by helping the Nazis kill Jews.

Warning: There is graphic language aka. swearing in the video linked to in the article and referenced in written word, though not in full letter by letter in article too.

After making my own conclusion I believe it’s apparent that anyone who sufforts HRC
Is supporting the true Nazi.
I’ve never voted for a Republican president in my life and living in one party states I also felt my vote really didn’t count.
It’s apparent to me the aim of the lefties who have taken over my historical party is to silence all opposition by taking aim at the first amendment.
The simple act of appointing judges who will defend the Constitution vs judges who view our founding documents a somekind of epic poerry that can be interptuped any way that fits an objective. Their ends of a lefties Nirvanna justify any means necessary to achieve them
That’s Fascism
Do I think the Clintons are facist themselves ? ,I hope not, but they certainly
have been bought my extreme lefties idologs who hate the Western culture in general and Christainity in particular.

So they’ve quit calling them Uncle Toms?

Yep, many of us have taken the same road.

Honestly, I’d saying calling them an Uncle Tom is less insulting than comparing them to Nazi sympathizers…

Its extremely ironic how the Democrats claim all inclusive until you disagree with them!

Thanks to modern electronics [and Project Veritas], we can know the truth:

Actually, it isn’t ironic. It is one of the foundational principles of the progressive movement.

“Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.” - Herbert Marcuse

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