Clinton and Obama Top U.S. Poll on Most Admired People, Trump tied with Pope Francis


“Americans named President Obama and Hillary Clinton as the most admired man and woman in the world, according to a Gallup poll released on Monday, with Donald Trump tying Pope Francis as the second most admired man.”


that is just crazy!! :smiley:


I think if I ever needed to go on a diet this would be the thread to bookmark. Check it each time a food craving comes along. No appetite. No problem. :rolleyes:


I just read about this on Life Site News. Mrs. Clinton is one of the most radical in favor of abortion without restrictions persons out there. If she became the next US president she could nominate up to four potential Supreme Court judges and undo any gains the pro-life
movement has made. In this country, 334,369 babies were killed in 2014 due to abortion.
That’s a lot of lives snuffed out.


I’m with you there. It’s nauseating that Clinton has been the most admired woman for each of the last 14 years. If that is the most admirable woman the world has to offer then we are in deep doodoo.

Now when you read the article it is obvious why certain people are named; media biasing. The poll analysis points out that the persons named are almost always tied to how the media paints certain people. The media has held Clinton up as the first female president for the last 12 years. I can only hope they continue to be wrong for many years to come.

What would be interesting to see is a side by side comparison of most and least admired persons. I suspect they would be fairly similar. For everyone that sees Clinton and Obama as the most admirable, I suspect there are just as many that see them as least admirable.


Good point Usige. You might be right.


What is she admired for?


since I don’t admire her, I don’t know, but I am sure the left has a long list of why they admire her.


Yes, Trump polls well here as well, as well as the Pope, God Bless Them All and Keep Them Safe in all their travels, it be by train, airplane, car, helicopter and so on.


OK, kids, this IS a NY TIMES article and dollars to donuts this poll is conducted by polling members of the DNC or perhaps on the streets of New York city, the most liberal city in this country. Try doing that poll across the country instead and the results should be a whole lot different. Then again, chalk it up to more media hype and lets go on with our lives.


I agree. Americans must be very shallow if these 2 are picked as the 2 most admired people in the whole world.


OK, kids, this IS a NY TIMES article and dollars to donuts this poll is conducted by polling members of the DNC or perhaps on the streets of New York city,

Who just came out of civil war in the early 90s with 2500 murders a year, a literal war zone, they have been enjoying now 20 years of relative peace. They may still be unsure and having doubts about democracy. :smiley:

:smiley: I guess the message is Obama Clinton good, Trump and Pope second best.


I don’t know exactly how much credit Rudy Giuliani deserves for turning the violent crime rate around during the eight years he served as mayor, surely it was “significant”. I guess we can safely say when in NYC crime spins out of control, “call the Republicans”. :smiley:


I am not sure how Rudy is any different than a democrat.


NY Times = liberal rag. No story, probably not even a real poll taken…

Looked at original poll, 37 votes on the thing, yep that’s representative of the 300 000,000 plus Americans. More like a quick survey around the office.


The results do not surprise me. These polls consistently show that people do no know the difference between admirable and famous. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and his whole extended family are in the news all the time and people without lives of their own follow their every move. QED


You are so right, and these people vote.:slight_smile:





Just for the record:

Going to the most prestigious school in the country and getting a law degree, becoming a senator, receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for his diplomatic work, and winning the presidency twice, that doesn’t even earn a modicum of admiration?

You must all have some pretty amazing accomplishments under your belt!


37 votes! ? :rotfl:

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