Clinton asks why she isn’t beating Trump by 50 points

ORLANDO — Hillary Clinton gave voice Wednesday to a question on the minds of many of her fiercest advocates in her race against the controversy-prone Donald Trump: Why isn’t she way, way ahead?

The Democratic nominee raised the issue here during an address via video conference to a gathering in Las Vegas of the Laborers’ International Union of North America.

The former secretary of state ticked off her pro-union positions, including investing in infrastructure, raising the minimum wage and supporting collective bargaining.

Why wasn’t she crowned already, why???

Because the US is not a kingdom and it is extremely difficult for the same party, either party, to win the WH 3 straight terms. Since 1948, it has happened a grand total of only once.

Because the US is not a kingdom and it is simply a fact about American politics that Americans have the tendency to constantly swing the pendulum back and forth from 1 party to the other. It is extremely difficult for the same party, either party, to win the WH 3 straight terms. Since 1948, it has happened a grand total of only… once. :shrug:

Glad to see you are finally coming around …:thumbsup:

Except I’ve always understood that if Hillary Clinton did lose, there might have been nothing she could have done about it regardless of who the Republican nominee was. Same as if Trump wins and somehow is reelected in 2020, then Rubio or whomever will have a difficult time in 2024. :slight_smile:

Because she gives the impression, whether intentionally or not, that more than half the American population is beneath her.

So you believe her numbers and support are plummeting due to no fault on her part?:eek:

A family member of mine was all in for Bernie Sanders in the primaries and is now a very reluctant Clinton voter – basically will only vote for her because he hates Trump more. He’s said multiple times that if Clinton loses this election, it will be her own fault, that the Democrats could not have picked a worse candidate.

I don’t plan to vote for Clinton but I think his analysis is spot-on.

Oh, already have the excuses ready, is it? :rolleyes:

It still would mean enough people **did not want her as president **no matter how the past elections ended up, no matter how you want to spin it though.

I am sure if she wins, people would be saying she won because so many people wanted her as president despite what happened in past elections.

Because everyone hates her?

This election is about who you don’t want as President, not about who you want.

She really has to ask why?

What I have observed on this Forum ,by some of the Hillary supporters’ is an unbridled confidence in her taking the White House.I think reality is setting the in ,that there is a very real possibility that she may not win. However,I am con earned re the powers that be behind her.They will do anything and everything to gat her into office.:cool:

The Democrats made the same mistake nominating Clinton as the Republicans did when they nominated McCain–they rewarded her for her seniority rather than promoting their more electable candidates. She’s simply despised by too many people to be as far ahead as she’d like to be–and I agree with your family–it is all her own fault.

Unlike your family member, I cannot vote for her for many, many reasons none of which has to do with her personality or her continual lying–they’re last on the list but they’re good enough in themselves. As for Trump, I have to vote for him to keep Hillary out of the WH, but I’m not happy about him, either–because of his public persona, lack of experience, and big mouth. He’s simply the lesser of two evils, and considering they are the only candidates that have a chance of winning.

Echos my feelings almost identically. And I’m not alone. This election remains, for the majority of voters, a race between who most voters hate more, not who they actually want to vote for.

Jeanne, the day is young. I can’t use up my CAF imposed limit on free speech of 10 political posts on just this thread.

But well… besides the inevitable that it is difficult for either party to win 3 straight terms, I believe the race has become closer because many potential general election voters haven’t been paying as close attention for over a year as those of us on CAF have and now who they see more so than before is a teleprompted Trump. Not the real Trump who before was saying John McCain was not a war hero while he was mocking the disabled and so on and so on. It’s all on video tape.

I also believe people have come home to roost. I saw the other day 90% of Democrats are with Clinton and 86% of Republicans are with Trump. And I believe Clinton had a dip after voters saw her struggle to get into a van on 911 but once her medical details were known, now we’ve seen this week a bump up for her.

And swing states are labelled swing for a reason. Take FL for instance, it has been close in recent cycles. The last time, Obama won it by only 1%. In 2000, Bush by less than 500 votes statewide.

Still there is yet some good news for Clinton in all of this. The RCP avg has her + 6.6 in PA. And + 5.2 in MI. And + 4.7 in WI. So if those hold then even if Trump were himself to hold NC and GA and flip from 2012 the states of NV, IA, OH and FL, he would still fall short.

Btw I voted for Bernie for those who have brought him up.

Oh,please :rolleyes:As we all know the " authentic" Hillary…:rolleyes:

Perhaps you should sneak into a local Trump rally?

At the risk of being mocked (as I see this thread devolved quickly) I can see how she’s quite serious.

People of one political belief honestly have trouble believing or understanding people on the opposite side of the spectrum. I know as a conservative, I find some liberal ideology to be utterly ludicrous and it baffles the mind that an educated person can think that way…but there you go.

I’m sure in Hillary’s mind, she’s absolutely right and it’s mind boggling to her that more Americans don’t see things her way. I’m sure it reinforces in her mind that voters are the unwashed masses (never mind that if that were true they would be supporting her at a much higher rate, since it’s her party giving away the farm).

Personally I think BOTH major parties put forth the worst candidate. The republicans had a field of solid conservatives, all of which were rejected for a loud-mouth populist with limited ideas and no effective understanding of the Constitution.

And the democrats put forth Hillary, despite her multiple failures as secretary of state, the many scandals which follow her, and what appears to be a significant health issue. I’m of the opinion that the goal is simply to get Clinton elected so they have their “first woman president” even if she dies in office on day 1.

Our presidential elections, sadly, have become a form of entertainment- a type of reality tv- instead of the very serious selection of the next commander in chief of (arguably) the most powerful nation on earth and leader of the free world.

Hillary has PROMISED to raise taxes and to INCREASE bureaucracy.

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