Clinton campaign blames James Comey for election loss


Navin Nayak, the director of opinion research on the campaign, sent an email to senior staff Thursday evening outlining what it believed were the reasons for its loss. The email, which was first reported by Politico, was confirmed to Business Insider by a Clinton campaign staffer.

Nayak signaled in the email that the campaign believes two bombshells from Comey in the final days of the election helped swing the electorate toward Trump — an initial Comey letter to Congress that reactivated an investigation into Clinton’s private email server, as well as a subsequent letter last Sunday that again cleared her of wrongdoing.

“We believe that we lost this election in the last week. Comey’s letter in the last 11 days of the election both helped depress our turnout and also drove away some of our critical support among college-educated white voters—particularly in the suburbs,” Nayak wrote. “We also think Comey’s 2nd letter, which was intended to absolve Sec. Clinton, actually helped to bolster Trump’s turnout.”

Let’s see, how can I word this as ambiguously as possible . . .

Some people apparently saw his absolution of Secretary Clinton last summer as a dereliction of his duty. Some people might see his actions during the last two weeks of the campaign as his redemption. Some people might. Not all will.


The usual excuse for the losing candidate is that they did not have the money to get their message out. That won’t work this time because Trump campaigned on the cheap. If you want to claim you will cut waste in government, it helps to cut waste on your campaign.

Liberals are always surprised to find out that people disagree with them. Hillary and friends just found out that a lot of people disagreed so much that they voted for a deeply flawed candidate instead of her. I find it especially strange that so many celebrities found out that their opinions were rejected, at least outside of their Hollywood enclaves. They think popularity and publicity mean they can get everyone to do what they want. I feel the same way about celebrity endorsements of almost everything. I truly don’t care which products they get paid to promote. Soooooo Sad.:wink:




That’s right.

It’s so refreshing to see these liberals have their ideas thrown in their face and rejected.

Only issue is that they won’t admit it was their ideas that caused them to fail. They always say, when they lose, that this election “wasn’t about ideology”, that other factors caused it.


And isn’t that what we’re seeing play out right now, with all the comments that anyone who voted for Donald Trump must be “ignorant” or (fill-in-the-blank)-phobic? LOL! We’re just tired of being told we have to celebrate perversity and swallow whatever Brave New World social experimentation Kool-Aid the Marxist-Atheist left cooks up!


Those who fancy themselves Masters of the Universe think they understand the way the world works, but they don’t. While I think it’s safe to say James Comey’s handling of the investigation didn’t help Clinton, I doubt it was crucial because Clinton’s candidacy had so many other weaknesses. However, it’s understandable that they would blame her loss on the last thing that happened prior to the election.


Whateverrrrrrrr. He’ll keep his job now, so what’s the worry? In fact, he may be asked to continue the investigation, and I hope that he is. Credible and substantial evidence of corruption at the highest levels of government warrants full, unrestricted investigation.


Well said. :thumbsup:


Of course; blame someone else.


I would have put Comey at the bottom of the list, if at all.

  • blame herself for causing the whole mess

  • blame herself for not following advice and dumping all the emails earlier in the campaign. Dept of State could have made it happen if that’s what she wanted.

  • blame Huma for not turning in all her files, like she was required to do.

  • blame Weiner for being a perv and sexting addict.

Since the story was about to be leaked, Comey had no choice but to get out in front of it, he had to assure Congress the new stash of emails was been investigated.


Comey is the one “Democrat” who cannot be prosecuted for perjury.

[Comey has been a lifelong Republican, although he recently said he is no longer registered as one. But that’s just the start of his lengthy and long-standing ties to Republican politics, including past donations to GOP presidential candidates.]

Or unauthorized access to classified information.

Even Chelsea Clinton has her fingerprints on unauthorized possession of classified information AND is also tarred with the brush of Clinton Foundation cash.

[Read WikiLeaks.]

The Clintons have a well-deserved reputation for using people and throwing them away.

Some Clintons’ friends even took the hit … and then died in prison … suspiciously.


I think, on the other hand, his investigating what she actually did caused her problems. If she hadn’t done what she did there would have been nothing for him to investigate. The biggest enemy of our church in the world has been defeated. That enemy is the Democrat Party. Presidency, House, Senate, Supreme Court, Governorships and State Legislatures are all now in the hands of, at least, a neutral power. This is the greatest thing that could happen!


Once upon a time, I proposed that our parish invite guest speakers for the extreme left wing Social Concerns Committee … who had … [prayer to the Holy Spirit] … “an alternative point of view”.

“But, there ARE no alternative points of view.”

“Well, if I found a guest speaker with an alternative point of view, would you put him on the program”.

“Well, of course,” said the elderly chairperson as she patted me on the head.

So, now I had to produce.

So … I … in desperation … with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit … I called the office of National Review magazine. And also called the office of Accuracy in Media.

Whoa … ended up with so many political right wing guest speakers that we not only dominated the Social Concerns Committee, but also the pastor started up a second Committee that he ran from the rectory. So many outside guests showed up at our talks that visitors asked for lists of speakers that they could use.

I invited people to the house to give them lists of speakers and resources … which I had never done before or since. We served iced tea and cookies.

Wayyy outside my comfort zone.

Years later, I ran into a major player while I was out and about on errands … and he remarked about the riot that one of the agitators had started in our church basement.

Even now, many years later, I wonder if I’m on a target list for left wing agitators and activists and rioters and fire-bombers and anarchists.

You have no idea how vulnerable you feel when you are outside the mainstream of left-wing politics.

These left wingers have absolutely no tolerance for diversity of thought.

Regardless of what they say.

I was so far out of the mainstream that even Karl Keating himself even looked me up at a seminar.]

[Another time, I was at Mount St. Helens (the volcano) and another visitor saw my name tag got so excited he yelled for his wife to come over an meet me.][What a hoot.]*


I’d say Comey is more of a typical beltway Govt employee, part of the establishment who could work with either party that was in power, and thus donations flowed both ways.

Power corrupts and I think over time very good people grow to accept the way that DC works.


I agree! God Bless, Memaw


AMEN but don’t rule out that Obama will still try something last ditch to upset the apple cart!!! Keep praying!!! God Bless, Memaw


Hillary was a flawed Canidate from day one. I even think Sanders could have won the Primary if he went after the email issue. I think Sanders would have beaten Trump. I disagree with some of the comments suggesting that the election was a total rejection of Progessive ideology. Let’s not forget as flawed as she was she still won the overall popular vote. It came down to as they say " it’s the Economy Stupid ". Trump hit all the right notes on a rigged election process, rigged trade policies, and the harm globalization has done to working Americans.


We still need to calculate the number of illegal votes that were cast.

[By the way, there were NO reports of voting machines switching from Clinton to Trump.]


Let the finger pointing begin. It couldn’t possibly be her own fault. And her parties fault for their each of their actions before and during the campaign.


ITA. But that doesn’t work with the narrative the right is telling themselves. First they had to convince themselves that Trump will do what they want him to. Now they are trying to convince everyone that Trumps win over Clinton of all candidates is wholesale rejection of progressive ideology. Not even close.

This was a rejection of the establishment. I’d have loved to seen the result of a Trump Sanders race. The Dems rigged their own race for Clinton and it came back to bite them. The Repubs tried their best to rig their own race for anyone but Trump but didn’t get away with it. Since their party doesn’t control the primary race the same way the Dems do. It was much harder. Let us not forget the Anyone But Trump campaign. Trumps win was a rejection of Clinton that’s for sure.

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