Clinton Campaign Underestimated Sanders Strengths, Allies Say


Advisers to Hillary Clinton, including former President Bill Clinton, believe that her campaign made serious miscalculations by forgoing early attacks on Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and failing to undercut his archliberal message before it grew into a political movement that has now put him within striking distance of beating Mrs. Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire.

According to Democrats close to the Clintons and involved with her campaign, Mrs. Clinton and the former president are also unnerved by the possibility that Mr. Sanders will foment a large wave of first-time voters and liberals that will derail her in Iowa, not unlike Barack Obama’s success in 2008, which consigned Mrs. Clinton to a third-place finish. They have asked her advisers about the strength of the campaign’s data modeling and turnout assumptions in Iowa, given that her 2008 campaign’s predictions were so inaccurate.


Perhaps deja vu all over again: first Clinton’s miscalculation regarding Obama and now Sanders. Is there any correlation, positive or negative, between the skill needed in running a presidential campaign and the skill necessary to lead a country?


I support Bernie but will vote for Hillary over any of the GOP field because between the 2, the Republican vision for America is just not close enough to mine. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bernie takes the first two. But then the schedule moves to places like NV and SC where the Democratic caucus and primary electorate is more diverse than it is in Iowa and NH. I just heard yesterday that previously in IA and NH, something like 95%+ of voters who cast votes on the Democratic side were white voters. In SC for instance, that won’t be the case. Hillary is said to still have strongholds beyond NH. The X-factor is the unknown. Which is if Bernie were to take both of the first 2, how much “mo” would he gain? I think in most cases if 1 candidate were to win both IA and NH as John Kerry did in 04, they might well end up with the nomination. But I’m not counting out Sec Clinton even if she does lose the 1st 2. She remains a force within the Democratic Party to be reckoned with and the Clintons remain popular with much of the Democratic electorate. I’m not yet ready to say she will be denied the nomination of her party’s voters a second time. Only time will tell.


either that or they miscalculated people are tired of the Clintons and don’t really want Hillary to win.


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