Clinton campaign wages new war against James Comey


Betting they’re taking this war more seriously than the one against ISIS.


A couple of comments I heard last night.This in nothing more than an attempt by HC to gain sympathy by looking like the “victim”.Apparently,James Comey cannot put the info ,emails out there and HC know this. This latest tactic on her part may be too little too late.Hopefully the chickens are coming home to roost in the Clinton candidacy.


For the good of the nation she should do the honorable thing and remove herself from the campaign.


Yes! But she won’t! If she does, I will be shocked.


amen !!


I hope Comey would be smart enough not to be their puppet a second time. I pray he wanted to take the high road and think of the American people and not Hillary’s campaign. in other words, he was willing “to take a bullet” so that the investigation could be resumed and more secrets revealed so we get the truth!


The more they attempt to besmirch Comey, the more I hope is fans an attitude of “to heck with you guys, I’m going to let you have it” within Comey.

The man’s rep is forever tarnished, and he has essentially made enemies of both sides by doing this. He can’t salvage the initial blunder from July, but he can run this to ground properly if that’s what he believes needs doing.


That would throw the election into a mess. Most people don’t even know who the democratic VP candidate is. Not quite a constitutional crisis, but close.

No, if you are looking at this solely for the good of the nation, she should continue the campaign. If she is elected, and ever found guilty of anything, she can step down or, more likely, it will be left up to the House of Representatives to decide if they want to Impeach her over this (which is highly unlikely.)


In either case, she isn’t stepping down. She lusts for power far too much to do that. If she was considering that, she would have already had reservations about all the things alleged or documented in released emails. Since she clearly didn’t then, it is unlikely she suddenly had a visit from Jiminy Cricket last night and sang “When You Wish Upon a Star” whilst discovering her conscience.


Along with her rival !


Indeed. The content of those emails may be subject to any grand jury proceeding, and their confidentiality must be kept for the sake of fairness in a potentially criminal trial.


I can just imagine the conversation in the HC camp over this.She is probably doubling down and insisting that her operatives shut this whole thing down pronto! I agree,she has clawed her way to this goal and she isn’t going to go down without a huuuuuge fight!:eek:


How dare Mr Comey tell the truth in an election year. That just is not done. Harry Reid is claiming this is some kind of crime.

How dare Mr Comey keep his word to Congress when he promised to report further developments.

I am shocked. :rolleyes:


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