Clinton’s Cinco de Mayo Rally Anything but Festive Due to Protesters


Hillary Clinton headed to East Los Angeles Thursday night in honor of the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo – but her rally in this predominantly Hispanic part of L.A. was anything but celebratory.

Hundreds of protesters descended upon East Los Angeles College to express their disdain for the Democratic presidential front-runner. Most of the protesters remained outside the college, although some made their way inside.

The protesters – some of whom carried pro-Bernie Sanders signs – spanned the spectrum in terms of their key issues: Some were protesting Clinton’s refusal so far to release her speaking engagement transcripts and her ties to Wall Street, while others took issue with Clinton’s “super-predator” remarks in 1994, and the crime bill her then-president husband signed that year. Others also headed to Clinton’s rally to protest her involvement in the 2009 Honduras coup, and to accuse her of pandering to the Hispanic community.


Why does everyone think there is more to Cinco de Mayo than a extended beer commercial? It’s not an important date in Mexican History…


Correct me if i am wrong my dear friend but…


So American!?


I remember when it started. I always felt the Mexican people deserved more respect from us than a beer bash…

There we go, got the link in!


From what Ive seen, in the US at least, it seems to be promoted by beer companies, mainly to encourage people to go out partying and spending money, buying beer, alcohol.

When I was younger, I dont remember even recognizing Cinco de mayo, nor did anyone talk about it, seems to me a recent thing, again, mostly promoted by the alcohol industry.

Kind of funny more people dont recognize these sneaky advertising tactics, especially when so many cannot afford to go out for a night of partying…??


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