Clipping my dog's nails


I hope you will forgive me at the UnCatholicness of my problem…I didn’t know where else to turn. My dog’s nails are terrible long but he won’t let me cut them. He had been fine with it until the Vet cut him too close. Now he won’t let anyone near him with the nail clippers or anything else that might go near his nails. Today I noticed that he has a broken nail that really needs to be trimmed. Does anyone have any bright ideas? Or even dull ones? :slight_smile: He is pretty big…90 pounds so it’s tough to just hold him down and do it.


My dad used to basically sit on our dog to clip his nails. He’s 90 pounds as well. He’s calmer now, and is better about it, but when he was a puppy… x.x If you have a husband or male friend, perhaps they could help you hold on to him while you clip his nails. As much as it will be unpleasant for the both of you, it has to be done. Shower him with treats and pets and hugs after it’s over. :thumbsup:


There was one of those reality TV shows on about a dog groomer/doggie day care place. They showed a trick for cutting a dogs nails when the dog did not want it done. One person stood there and fed the dog peanut butter while someone else trimmed the nails. The dog loved peanutbutter, and it distracted him from what was happening with his feet…


Distraction is usually the best method, have someone helping to hold the dog, feed him/her a treat, and distract from the overall experience. Make sure the paw is turned way from the dogs face, the inability to see it usually reduces stress.


I take my dogs on long walks on a paved trail, that keeps their nails nice and trim.


Have you tried making an appointment with a pet grooming salon? My mutt has her “day of beauty” coming up at the end of the week. Trimming nails is always part of the package.


A friend of mine said that the trick is to start trimming their nails when they are sleeping as pups the same way that you trim a baby’s nails when he is sleeping. She is a vet assistant. She said the same technique works for trimming cat’s nails. I cannot ask her how to do the nails on an older dog or cat if they aren’t used to nail trimming since she lives in Chicago now.


Have you tried a habituation approach? It’s a slow process, but it works for most dogs.

First, get them used to someone holding their paws. Just holding. Do this daily for a week or more. Next, get them used to someone messing with their toes. Continue until no anxiety exists. The third step is to actually start working on the nails. The clippers will make a pinch type feeling on the nail, so get the animal used to this by pinching the nail with your fingers. After the dog is habituated to all of this, Finally try with the clippers. Praise the dog and give many treats during this process. This could take a month or more, but the important thing is to remember that you’re building a trust with your animal. Someone hurt him, so now he thinks it’s always going to hurt. I hope this will help!


I second this idea. Dogs are funny about their feet on a good day. They only let someone they truely trust touch their feet with out putting up a fight. So if your dog was hurt by nail clippers, the job might be rough. My dog gets ticks in her feet when she runs in the grass, so my hubby has to mess with her feet all the time and now it’s not big deal.

the distraction with treats sounds like a good idea too. Love all over your doggy while you are touching her feet.


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