Clips of The Catholicism Project and Catholicism series w/ Father Robert Barron

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Join Fr. Robert Barron on a journey across the planet and deep into the faith. CATHOLICISM is a breakthrough documentary series presenting the true story of Christianity and the Catholic faith.

approx 2 min 5 sec long

Here is a sneak peak at Episode 1 of Word On Fire’s CATHOLICISM series by Father Robert Barron - due to be released in the Fall of 2011.

approx 6 1/2 min long

Father Barron seems like a good fellow. I have attended a lecture where he presented once before.

I wanted to add a word of caution. There are two points.

  1. This project has been in progress for quite a long time. I will estimate three years.

  2. I have lived in the Chicago archdiocese for 24 years now. The best formation to be found in the area comes from outside groups such as Opus Dei and Miles Christi. I am not sure what happened here but my local parish has experienced some real strange incidents. We suffered with a new age nun as a DRE for about 10 years. Our mass is not even close to orthodox. The priest presiding over this circus was recruited directly by our current bishop.

In short, have a look but be wary of what comes out of the chicago archdiocese.

Hi Samuel63,

I want to thank you for the word of caution. From your experiences I can understand you being a bit leery. Though I can’t say you are the only one to experience strange occurrences during Mass. In my search for the right parish for me. I have to gone to a few out here in Southern California that left me disappointed with what was going on.

Though at that moment you say a prayer in hopes that those presiding over the Mass will be enlightened.

Though disappointed I haven’t given up all hope. I have found a parish that I am comfortable in, and even though everything isn’t 100 percent the way I wish it could be I go anyway and pray for those that don’t seem to quite get what Mass really is.

As for Father Barron I have seen a few shows of his on EWTN. I found that EWTN doesn’t put on any programming that isn’t orthodox in it’s teachings. I found Father Barron to be insightful, and good communicator. I hope you found him to be the same at the lecture you attended where he spoke.

I think the Catholicism project is taking awhile, because of the magnitude of the project undertaking and the finances needed along with it. From the clips I have seen thus far it looks to be a good series on Catholicism where it will present not only the beauty of Catholicism, but the intellectual part of it too.

I look forward to the finished product. If anyone out there wants more information on the project you can check out the site or if you would like to donate to help finance the project in progress.


As for Father Barron, he has a regular show on Relevant Radio, a Catholic broadcasting network I found in the Chicago area at AM 930 and 950 (both of these carry their programming). I listen to these stations quite a lot. Father is meticulous in communicating the authentic teachings of the Church, so I don’t think there is any reason to be wary.

This station broadcasts Sunday mass and I think I’ve heard Father Barron as the celbrant a time or two. His homilies were beautiful and really helped me understand the readings from a new point of view that was nevertheless authentically Catholic.

I’m new to the Chicago area and have likewise been disappointed in the way masses are celebrated here. I’m still looking for a parish where liberties are not taken.

Thank you JoyfulRC for your input on Father Barron, and his radio show on Relevant Radio in the Chicago area.

And I hope you find a parish where liberties aren’t taken when celebrating Mass.


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