Have you ever made a retraite in a cloister?

I’m attending to make it in a monastery who is resided by monks.I asked if it’s possible as I am a woman and it’s ok,my stay is outside the monastery so my presence won’t bother the monks.I heard this monastery is very peaceful so it’s perfect to pray and meditate.While some don’t like this place,it’s too quiet.I think the quieter the place is the more concentrate you will be to meditate and recite prayers.

God bless

I have made retreats several times in monasteries or convents where the professed religious live in cloister. These places had guest houses or retreat centers for those outside the order, and there was no contact with the cloistered monks or sisters. The only time we saw them was at Mass or adoration, and even then they were not really visible because they are behind a grille. Others of the order, not vowed to the cloistered life, attended to the needs of retreatants.

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