Cloisters in the heart of active orders

There are at least two religious institutes who have dedicated contemplatives within their ranks. These cloisters usually require that their members have field experience.

One of these is the Maryknoll cloister, which was started some years after Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, MM, founded the active sisters. Here is an interview with one of the sisters:

And another:

They apparently have contemplative space that they share with the laity.

Main site:


The Missionaries of Charity have a contemplative group, as well. Here is the address for the women’s branch of contemplatives:

The contemplatives also have a men’s branch.


As previously posted, the Cottolengos have contemplative/cloistered sisters:

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The “Little Cottolengo”, St. Don Orione, founded a contemplative community for blind women, called the Sacramentines.

They have made a few new foundations just in the last few years, once of which is in Brazil:

He also founded the Hermits of Divine Providence, whose co-founder, Brother Ave Maria, was blind, as well.

Brazil site:

In 1990, the active Orione sisters voted to found a new branch of the family, the Contemplative Sisters of Jesus Crucified, who are only in Italy at this time:

Some of the sisters had been feeling a call to the contemplative life, and there were enough to bring the project to fruition.


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