Cloning Jesus

I was just thinking one day: what if someone tried to use the blood from say the Shroud of Turin to “clone” Jesus? This is assume cloning is improved in the future. I’m not trying to argue that the Shroud is real or fake. This is just hypothetical. My question is do we as Catholics have an obligation to try and stop the cloning, even to the point of physical action? Also, would cloning Jesus result in the Apocalypse? Sorry, I have a big imagination and it wanders somethings. What are your thoughts?

No, because even if someone did that, it would not be Jesus, but only a human copy without His Spirit, without His divine nature. A divine nature cannot be cloned. A clone would not constitute the return of Christ.
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I am sure that our Almighty and most powerful God could handle this situation without our assistance. Wouldn’t want to be in the room though.
My imagination has something like the opening of the Ark by the Nazi in the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Reckon it could make a good movie.

This. Cloning only makes a copy of the DNA, it doesn’t bring an individual back to life. It is more like creating a twin than bringing someone back from the dead (or from the living in the case of Christ). A clone of Jesus would look like Jesus, but would not be Jesus. Ithe clone would not have either His human soul or His divinity. It would put an end to those sub-Saharan African Jesus paintings though…

I doubt there would be any usable DNA after 1950 years stored in an open environment as well as two fires.

But even if there were, DNA codes only the natural body, not the mind, soul or definitely not HIS Godhead.

We know He had a standard-issue human soma, so this would not be much of an issue.


Dude, I want to see this movie.

Even it should succeed, as you say, a clone would not be Our Lord. I have to wonder what profession/vocation such a clone would want to have. Jesus was quite brilliant, just as a human being. He had a natural gift for storytelling and poetry. Read what he says and you’ll see how his ideas flow and ebb using words to make words that say more than they say on the surface. Mary herself was quite intelligent–no doubt God wanted his Son’s human nature to be of the highest quality in intelligence and creativity. Jesus’ clone may become a writer or a poet or become a physician or perhaps a scientist or teacher. We can’t say, but he’d be quite remarkable although certainly not divine nor a replacement for the Christ of God. :slight_smile:

But despite having the same natural head as our LORD, the cloned body would not have HIS mind.

Our modern school system cannot begin to compare to the BVM, the rabbis and certainly not the Holy Spirit!


Oh dear…please don’t give Dan Brown any more ideas!

Jesus only had Marys DNA. It probably wouldn’t work. Unless of course there was DNA from God the Father, then it would theoretically infuse the clone with His divine nature.

But then Im sure the real Jesus would be outraged and this event would force Jesus to descend, essentially causing the Apocalypse.

Perhaps the clone will have supernatural powers and look and be influential like Jesus, only he will have an evil will and be an Evil Jesus aka the Antichrist.

Or some strange events would occur where the Father doesnt allow the DNA to be used, simple as that

No, a clone would not have Our Lord’s mind any more than one twin has the same mind as his identical brother, but most especially since he would not be the Christ, the Son of God. But, the clone would have the same level of intelligence, proclivity towards language, and probably be good with people. This is speaking, of course, only on the natural level. :slight_smile:

Thorns, I can’t see why Our Lord would have to come back to judge the world if a clone were made. I can imagine he’d be filled with pity for the poor person who would, from the outset, have such great expectations of him that it would make it impossible for him to live a normal life. There’s no reason to think a clone would have to be evil merely for being the clone of Jesus. There was nothing evil about Jesus’ fleshly body or existence to suggest a clone would be evil.

But, the likelihood is so far fetched that, thank God, it will probably never be attempted, so we really have nothing to worry about.

Hahaha. Sorry, my bad. :smiley:

I was thinking about something like that. I know a clone isn’t fully the same as the original, but what if God gets mad that there are people who are doing it that he embodies the clone and starts the rapture. The moment the clone takes a breath it becomes Jesus, the faithful are instantly raptured, and those who are left behind feel God’s wrath. :shrug:

the rapture is not a Catholic teaching as far as i understand.

anyway i dont think it’s even posible to clone Him, since DNA has expiration date, anyway i think God would do something to stop it, not even would have to be something spectacular, maybe the sudary would just dissapear to never be seen again.

Would cloning Jesus result in the Apocalypse??!!!

That wins the award for more creative and imaginative question I’ve ever read on this forum.


I suspect that would be the day the Antichrist was born. Truly man, but not truly God. No better than Adam - and probably much, much worse when he learns what his flesh is.

They could probably do it - though I would say the host from Lanciano would be a better candidate.

There are people doing plenty of things that deserve God’s wrath, but he is patient, not willing that any should die, but turn from their wickedness and live.
This scenario is just silly, sorry. Aside from the fact that Catholics don’t believe in the rapture, you might want to read Revelation for clues as to the events of the last days. I personally expect to see Jesus on a white horse, but maybe that’s just a symbol.

Never mind Dan Brown…I am starting the preface as we speak…only thing is, I haven’t figured out who will win yet…any ideas?.. Just kidding!!

The danger of someone trying such an act, gives good reason to take good care of relics in the Church’s care.:knight1:

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